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SA Tools Core

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SA Tools Core

SA Tools 顾名思义是 System Administrator 的工具集,包含一些实用工具,涉及 DNS 管理、远程批量执行脚本、日志分析查询、通知提醒等。


pip install sa-tools-core

Development Guide

Currently support python2.7 ~ python3.7

Quick start

# first clone this repo
cd sa-tools-core

make init

See Makefile for more details.

Re-install after modify codes

make install


# then edit

You can use a system-wide configuration path as well, by default it is /etc/sa-tools/

Local configs will override sa_tools_core/

For other third party service configs, see examples/config.

You can put third party service configs to /etc/sa-tools/ directory.

Command Line Tools

For all the CLI tools, you can type -h or --help to get help messages and examples.


通知提醒工具,支持 wechat, wework(企业微信), email, sms, pushbullet, pushover, telegram 等多种通知类型。

sa-notify --wechat user1 --content 'xxx'
echo 'xxx' | sa-notify --wechat user1,user2 --email


DNS 管理工具,目前仅支持 DNSPod。

# 切 A 记录
sa-dns ensure main --type A --value --enable
# dry-run
sa-dns ensure main --type A --value --enable --dry-run
# 切 A 记录,独占
sa-dns ensure main --type A --value --enable --excl
# 调整 ttl
sa-dns ensure main --type A --value --ttl 100 --enable
# 批量切 CNAME 记录,常用于 CNAME 到 CDN 等操作
sa-dns ensure main --type CNAME --value {domain} --enable

# 查找子域记录
sa-dns list -S music
# 查找 aqb 相关记录(只返回符合该关键字的记录)
sa-dns list -s aqb
# 按正则查找子域(查看 aqb 的测试域名)
sa-dns list | grep -E '^.*aqb\s'

# 支持通过 -d,--domain 指定其他域名
sa-dns -d list

see more


A remote script runner tool based on ansible. To use it, you need to prepare your ansible environment first.

远程命令执行工具,目前基于 ansible,需要事先配置好 ansible 环境(/etc/ansible/hosts)。


  • 兼容 ansible host pattern
  • 脚本可从 stdin 传入或指定文件路径,若都不指定则会调用 editor 进入编辑模式(类似 git commit 时的行为)。
  • 批量执行,有进度条
  • 执行完毕后会进入交互模式,可以对结果进行筛选,支持 shell 管道操作,支持再次发起执行
$ echo 'uptime && echo $HOSTNAME $(whoami)' | sa-script test_zk
100%|######################################################|Elapsed Time: 0:00:09

| host     | rc | stdout                                                | stderr |
| test-zk3 | 0  |  11:40:15 up 384 days, 19:00,  1 user,  load average: |        |
|          |    | 0.16, 0.20, 0.26 test-zk3 user1                       |        |
| test-zk2 | 0  |  11:40:15 up 392 days, 20:00,  1 user,  load average: |        |
|          |    | 0.25, 0.22, 0.30 test-zk2 user1                       |        |
| test-zk1 | 0  |  11:40:15 up 392 days, 23:53,  1 user,  load average: |        |
|          |    | 0.30, 0.22, 0.25 test-zk1 user1                       |        |

See sa-script -h for more details.

TODO: add a gif to demonstrate.


access log 查询分析工具,支持简单查询,聚合查询,时段对比分析等

sa-access query
sa-access query --term ip
sa-access query -t host -x bandwidth --by ip
sa-access query --term appname app1 -x count --by-script "doc['remote_addr'].value + ' ' + doc['normalize_url'].value"
sa-access query --term appname app1 -x count --by-script "def ip=doc['remote_addr'].value; ip.substring(0, ip.lastIndexOf('.')) + ' ' + doc['normalize_url'].value"
sa-access analyze --term host -x sum bytes_sent --by nurl -a '2017-03-28 09:30' -d 15 -b '2017-03-28 10:30'

see more


一个 Icinga2 的 CLI 工具。

icinga2 doc:

# try test
sa-icinga notify --wechat user1 --email --test

sa-icinga notify --wechat user1 --email  # need icinga pass os environment vars

sa-icinga ack --host sa --service check-puppet --comment 'hehe'
sa-icinga ack --host 'sa*' --service 'check-puppet'
sa-icinga ack --host 'sa*' --service 'check-puppet' --remove

sa-icinga show --filter ' == "sa" && == "check-puppet"'
sa-icinga show --type host --filter 'match("sa*",' | less
sa-icinga show --type service --filter 'regex("check_[a-z]*",' | less
sa-icinga show --type notification --filter 'notification.host_name == "sa"' | less
sa-icinga show --type user | grep user1
sa-icinga show --filter ' == "check-puppet"' --attrs acknowledgement

see more


磁盘相关工具,利用 ncdu 快速扫盘,并可以保存、分析结果。

sa-disk usage
sa-disk usage -n 5 -d 3
sa-disk usage -r /data1/ncdu-export-%-20160513142844.gz
sa-disk usage -c /tmp
sa-disk usage -p /data
sa-disk usage --force-check

sa-disk clean

see more


sa-bs 是对腾讯云 API/CLI 的封装,支持黑石、CVM 等产品。

需要先安装并配置 qcloudcli

sa-bs device list -j
sa-bs device list -a alias
sa-bs device list --alias host
sa-bs vpc list -e createTime vpcId
sa-bs vpc subnet
sa-bs vpc subnet_ips --vpcId 1001 --subnetId 6555 -j
sa-bs vpc subnet_ips --subnetName SA
sa-bs vpc subnet_by_cpm_id --alias host22
sa-bs eip list -a eip
sa-bs lb list
sa-bs -vvvv eip list --eipIds '[\\"eip-xxxxxxxx\\"]' -r
sa-bs eip list --eip
sa-bs vpc register_batch_ip --subnetName SA --ip
sa-bs eip apply
sa-bs eip bind_vpc_ip --eip --vpcIp
sa-bs vpc create_interface --alias host11 host22 --subnetName DBA-dummy
sa-bs device reload_os --passwd XXXXXX --subnetName OfflineComputation --alias host88
sa-bs device modify_alias --alias host33 --instanceId cpm-xxxxxxxx
sa-bs -vvvv vpc create_subnet --subnetName Isolation-dummy --cidrBlock --vlanId 2222

## 机型组合
sa-bs device list -e deviceClassCode
sa-bs device os --deviceClassCode Y0-BS09v2 -a osNameDisplay osTypeId
sa-bs device class_partition --cpuId 4 --diskNum1 2 --diskNum2 12 --diskTypeId1 1 --diskTypeId2 6 --haveRaidCard 0 --mem 64 --deviceClassCode "Y0-BS09v2"
sa-bs device class_partition --cpuId 4 --diskNum1 2 --diskNum2 12 --diskTypeId1 1 --diskTypeId2 6 --haveRaidCard 0 --mem 64
sa-bs device elastic_price --cpuId 4 --diskNum1 2 --diskNum2 12 --diskTypeId1 1 --diskTypeId2 6 --haveRaidCard 0 --mem 64
sa-bs device inventory --cpuId 4 --diskNum1 2 --diskNum2 12 --diskTypeId1 1 --diskTypeId2 6 --haveRaidCard 0 --mem 64 --deviceClassCode "Y0-BS09v2" --subnetName OfflineComputation
sa-bs device hardware_info --alias host11
sa-bs device hardware_specification

### 购买机器 ( see )
sa-bs device buy --goodsNum 2 --timeSpan 1 --timeUnit m --alias new_host \
  --subnetName SA --ip \
  --cpuId 4 --diskNum1 2 --diskNum2 12 --diskTypeId1 1 --diskTypeId2 6 --haveRaidCard 0 --mem 64 \
  --raidId 25 \
  --deviceClassCode "Y0-BS09v2" --needSecurityAgent 0 --needMonitorAgent 0 --autoRenewFlag 1
sa-bs device deploy_process --instanceId cpm-xxxxxxxx
sa-bs device deploy_process --alias host11
sa-bs device operation_log --alias host22

## CVM

sa-bs cvm instances


Tools can be called from client as well.

from sa_tools_core.client import Client

c = Client()
c.notify(wework='user1', content='hehe')

See sa_tools_core/ for more details.

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