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Safe assert for Python that can be used together with optimised mode

Project description

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Allows users to write composable asserts that are not stripped away in optimized mode.


  • Single simple, pythonic, fast, tested, typed, documented function. That's it!
  • Because safe_assert is a function, it can be easily composed with other functions
  • Fully typed with annotations and checked with mypy, PEP561 compatible


pip install safe-assert


The usage is identical to assert keyword, but a function:

from safe_assert import safe_assert

def sort_positive_numbers(numbers: List[int]) -> List[int]:
    safe_assert(all(num >= 0 for num in numbers), 'found negative')
    return sorted(numbers)

sort_positive_numbers([1, 2, 3])  # => will work
sort_positive_numbers([-1, 2, 3])
# => will fail in runtime with `AssertionError`

How is it different from regular assert? The major one is that it would not be stripped away with -O flag. So, it still allows to write declarative checks that are safe in production.

The second one is that you can compose it as any other regular function. Useful in conjunction with dry-python projects.


How does it work internally? It internally raises AssertionError that is also used by the assert keyword itself.

See docs to learn more.



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