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Util package to drive Salesforce Oauth Web flow for testing.

Project description

# Salesforce Oauth Request

A bit of Requests driven utility code to drive the Oauth2 Web flow. Use this module to login to a Salesforce account using just the username and password. Good for tests and scripts which need
Salesforce access_token access.

## Installation

```pip install salesforce-oauth-request```

## Usage

You need a Connected App defined in Salesforce so that you have all these pieces of info:

1. `client ID`
2. `client secret`
3. `redirect uri`

Now you can get an `access_token` and `instance_url` like this:

import salesforce_oauth_request

result = salesforce_oauth_request.login(username=username,

print "Access token: %s" + result['access_token']
print "Refresh token: %s" + result['refresh_token']
print "Instance URL: %s" + result['instance_url']

# Now use access_token, instance_url for REST, SOAP, or BULK API access.
## Options

cache_session=True/False - default False

Pass the option `cache_session=true` to save the access token to `~.sf_oauth`
to save time on repeated runs.

sandbox=True/False - default False

Pass `sandbox=True` to use a sandbox login.
## Testing

You can run the simple test script like this:


It will prompt you for all the values, drive the login, and print the results.

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