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Provides server-backed sessions for Sanic using Redis, Memcache and more.

Project description

Sanic session management for humans

ReadTheDocs License: MIT PyPI version

:warning: Warning: This poject in Pull-Request-Only mode. I don't use Sanic anymore for any of my projects and will not make any changes by my own in foreseeable future. I recommend to use AIOHTTP since it more mature and have bigger adoption (I'm not judging by github stars only). Though I will accept pull requests from others if you want to see updates in the code.

sanic_session is session management extension for Sanic that integrates server-backed sessions with most convenient API.

sanic_session provides a number of session interfaces for you to store a client's session data. The interfaces available right now are:

  • Redis (supports both drivers aioredis and asyncio_redis)
  • Memcache (via aiomcache)
  • Mongodb (via sanic_motor and pymongo)
  • In-Memory (suitable for testing and development environments)


Install with pip (there is other options for different drivers, check documentation):

pip install sanic_session

or if you prefer Pipenv:

pipenv install sanic_session


Documentation is available at

Also, make sure you read OWASP's Session Management Cheat Sheet for some really useful info on session management.


A simple example uses the in-memory session interface.

from sanic import Sanic
from sanic.response import text
from sanic_session import Session, InMemorySessionInterface

app = Sanic()
session = Session(app, interface=InMemorySessionInterface())

async def index(request):
    # interact with the session like a normal dict
    if not request.ctx.session.get('foo'):
        request.ctx.session['foo'] = 0

    request.ctx.session['foo'] += 1

    return text(request.ctx.session['foo'])

if __name__ == "__main__":"", port=8000)

Examples of using redis and memcache backed sessions can be found in the documentation, under Using the Interfaces.

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