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Project description

Gotta get schwifty with your IBANs

schwifty is a Python library that let’s you easily work with IBANs and BICs as specified by the ISO. IBAN is the Internation Bank Account Number and BIC the Business Identifier Code. Both are used for international money transfer.


schwifty lets you

  • validate check-digits and the country specific format of IBANs

  • validate format and country codes from BICs

  • generate BICs from country and bank-code

  • generate IBANs from country-code, bank-code and account-number.

  • generate random valid IBANs

  • get the BIC associated to an IBAN’s bank-code

  • access all relevant components as attributes

See the docs for more inforamtion.


Since the IBAN specification and the mapping from BIC to bank_code is updated from time to time, schwifty uses CalVer for versioning with the scheme YY.0M.Micro.


To install schwifty, simply:

$ pip install schwifty


We use the black as code formatter. This avoids discussions about style preferences in the same way as gofmt does the job for Golang. The conformance to the formatting rules is checked in the CI pipeline, so that it is recommendable to install the configured pre-commit-hook, in order to avoid long feedback-cycles.

$ pre-commit install

You can also use the fmt Makefile-target to format the code or use one of the available editor integrations.

Project Information

schwifty is released under MIT license and its documentation lives at Read the Docs. The code is maintained on GitHub and packages are distributed on PyPI


Since swift and swiftly were already taken by the OpenStack-project, but we somehow wanted to point out the connection to SWIFT, Rick and Morty came up with the idea to name the project schwifty.

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schwifty-2024.5.4.tar.gz (710.6 kB view hashes)

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schwifty-2024.5.4-py3-none-any.whl (340.0 kB view hashes)

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