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Pulling League of Legends profile and match data from website.

Project description

A python library to pull information on Profile and MatchHistory from (last verified 06/05/2020).

Note: scrapes using English, only tested on NA server at the moment.


  • from selenium import webdriver

  • from import By

  • from import expected_conditions as EC

  • from import WebDriverWait

  • import re

  • import os

  • from bs4 import BeautifulSoup


pip install scrapeGG==0.0.4


git clone
cd animelyrics


set up chromedriver, if not already exists check if already exists using chromedriver --version

install chromedriver brew cask install chromedriver

find path which chromedriver

import and create an instance, such that ‘API’ is the summonerName you want to search for.

scrapeGG(string summonerName)

from scrapeGG import scrapeGG
init = scrapeGG('API')


(see for usage examples) (see snapshots/06-06-2020.json for example output)


  • .getProfile() - [CONSTRUCTOR] - returns profile()

  • .recently_played_with()

  • .top_played_champions() - todo

  • .rank(string game_type= [“Ranked Solo”, “Total”, “Ranked Flex 5v5”) - todo


  • .getMatch(int count) - returns match()

  • .getMatchSequence(int count) - returns arrscrapeGG.match

  • .game_player_names(is_win)

  • .self_stats()

  • .recent.player_stats(string summonerName) - summonerName can be any of the players in the game

  • .overview() - unstable*

  • .build() - unstable*

*selenium has issues with click events, which occasionally raisesselenium.common.exceptions.ElementClickInterceptedException: Message: element click intercepted

example usage

from scrapeGG import scrapeGG

init = scrapeGG('API')

# test match api class
recent = init.getMatch(1)
player_names = recent.game_player_names(True)

profile = init.getProfile()
ranksolo_rank = profile.rank('Ranked Solo')


0.0.2 - first release on PyPI

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