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Redis-based components for Scrapy.

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Redis-based components for Scrapy.


  • Distributed crawling/scraping

    You can start multiple spider instances that share a single redis queue. Best suitable for broad multi-domain crawls.

  • Distributed post-processing

    Scraped items gets pushed into a redis queued meaning that you can start as many as needed post-processing processes sharing the items queue.

  • Scrapy plug-and-play components

    Scheduler + Duplication Filter, Item Pipeline, Base Spiders.

  • In this forked version: added json supported data in Redis

    data contains url, `meta` and other optional parameters. meta is a nested json which contains sub-data. this function extract this data and send another FormRequest with url, meta and addition formdata.

    For example:

    { "url": "", "meta": {"job-id":"123xsd", "start-date":"dd/mm/yy"}, "url_cookie_key":"fertxsas" }

    this data can be accessed in scrapy spider through response. like: request.url, request.meta, request.cookies


  • Python 3.7+

  • Redis >= 5.0

  • Scrapy >= 2.0

  • redis-py >= 4.0


From pip

pip install scrapy-redis

From GitHub

git clone
cd scrapy-redis
python install
pip uninstall scrapy-redis

Alternative Choice

Frontera is a web crawling framework consisting of crawl frontier, and distribution/scaling primitives, allowing to build a large scale online web crawler.


0.7.3 (2022-07-21)

  • Move docs to GitHub Wiki

  • Update tox and support dynamic tests

  • Update support for json data

  • Refactor max idle time

  • Add support for python3.7~python3.10

  • Deprecate python2.x support

0.7.2 (2021-12-27)

  • Fix RedisStatsCollector._get_key()

  • Fix redis-py dependency version

  • Added maximum idle waiting time MAX_IDLE_TIME_BEFORE_CLOSE

0.7.1 (2021-03-27)

  • Fixes datetime parse error for redis-py 3.x.

  • Add support for stats extensions.

0.7.1-rc1 (2021-03-27)

  • Fixes datetime parse error for redis-py 3.x.

0.7.1-b1 (2021-03-22)

  • Add support for stats extensions.

0.7.0-dev (unreleased)

  • Unreleased.

0.6.8 (2017-02-14)

  • Fixed automated release due to not matching registered email.

0.6.7 (2016-12-27)

  • Fixes bad formatting in logging message.

0.6.6 (2016-12-20)

  • Fixes wrong message on dupefilter duplicates.

0.6.5 (2016-12-19)

  • Fixed typo in default settings.

0.6.4 (2016-12-18)

  • Fixed data decoding in Python 3.x.

  • Added REDIS_ENCODING setting (default utf-8).


  • Renamed queue classes to a proper naming conventiong (backwards compatible).

0.6.3 (2016-07-03)

  • Added REDIS_START_URLS_KEY setting.

  • Fixed spider method from_crawler signature.

0.6.2 (2016-06-26)

  • Support redis_cls parameter in REDIS_PARAMS setting.

  • Python 3.x compatibility fixed.


0.6.1 (2016-06-25)

  • Backwards incompatible change: Require explicit DUPEFILTER_CLASS setting.


  • Added REDIS_START_URLS_AS_SET setting.

  • Added REDIS_ITEMS_KEY setting.


  • Added REDIS_PARAMS setting.

  • Added REDIS_START_URLS_BATCH_SIZE spider attribute to read start urls in batches.

  • Added RedisCrawlSpider.

0.6.0 (2015-07-05)

  • Updated code to be compatible with Scrapy 1.0.

  • Added -a domain=… option for example spiders.

0.5.0 (2013-09-02)

  • Added REDIS_URL setting to support Redis connection string.

  • Added SCHEDULER_IDLE_BEFORE_CLOSE setting to prevent the spider closing too quickly when the queue is empty. Default value is zero keeping the previous behavior.

  • Schedule preemptively requests on item scraped.

  • This version is the latest release compatible with Scrapy 0.24.x.

0.4.0 (2013-04-19)

  • Added RedisSpider and RedisMixin classes as building blocks for spiders to be fed through a redis queue.

  • Added redis queue stats.

  • Let the encoder handle the item as it comes instead converting it to a dict.

0.3.0 (2013-02-18)

  • Added support for different queue classes.

  • Changed requests serialization from marshal to cPickle.

0.2.0 (2013-02-17)

  • Improved backward compatibility.

  • Added example project.

0.1.0 (2011-09-01)

  • First release on PyPI.

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