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Screenplay pattern base for Python automated test suites.

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                                                                      FADE IN:

Illuminated by the computer's glow, AUDIENCE sits reading the documentation
for a Python library they haven't seen before. AUDIENCE is visibly startled
as a dulcet voice begins to speak.

                              NARRATOR (V.O.)
            ScreenPy is a library that provides the base for an
            automated test suite using Screenplay Pattern.

            Wha- who are you? Where are you? And... what is
            Screenplay Pattern?!

                              NARRATOR (V.O.)
            It's a composition-based architecture pattern,
            encouraging automated test writers to write more
            maintainable test suites. It allows test writers to
            use Gherkin-style language in Python to create
            descriptive UI tests.

            Ignoring how you avoided answering my first questions,
            how do I get started?

                              NARRATOR (V.O.)
            I thought you'd never ask...

                                                                      FADE OUT


pip install screenpy


Please check out the Read The Docs documentation for the latest information about this module!


You want to contribute? Great! Here are the things you should do before submitting your PR:

  1. Fork the repo and git clone your fork.
  2. dev install the project package:
    1. pip install -e .[dev]
    2. Optional (poetry users):
      1. poetry install --extras dev
  3. Run pre-commit install once.
  4. Run tox to perform tests frequently.
  5. Create pull-request from your branch.

That's it! :)

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