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A module to obtain and visualize k-vector coefficients and obtain band paths in the Brillouin zone of crystal structures

Project description

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SeeK-path is a python module to obtain band paths in the Brillouin zone of crystal structures.

The definition of k-point labels follows crystallographic convention, as defined and discussed in the HPKOT paper. Moreover, the Bravais lattice is detected properly using the spacegroup symmetry. Also the suggested band path provided in the HPKOT paper is returned. Systems without time-reversal and inversion-symmetry are also properly taken into account.

1 How to cite

If you use this tool, please cite the following work:

  • Y. Hinuma, G. Pizzi, Y. Kumagai, F. Oba, I. Tanaka, Band structure diagram paths based on crystallography, Comp. Mat. Sci. 128, 140 (2017) (JOURNAL LINK, arXiv link).

  • You should also cite spglib that is an essential library used in the implementation: A. Togo, I. Tanaka, “Spglib: a software library for crystal symmetry search”, arXiv:1808.01590 (2018) (spglib arXiv link).

2 How to install and how to use

Please check the SeeK-path user guide on ReadTheDocs.

3 Acknowledgements

  • Jae-Mo Lihm: k-point paths for the original unit cell (i.e., the one provided in input by the user) without standardization or symmetrization

4 License

The code is open-source (licensed with a MIT license, see LICENSE.txt).

5 Online service/tool

In the tools-seekpath repository we also provide the code to deploy a online service for the visualization of the band paths and primitive cells of the crystal structures. A live version is hosted on the Materials Cloud web portal.

The following is a screenshot of the selection window:

SeeK-path web service selection window

And the following is a screenshot of the main output window, showing the Brillouin zone, the primitive crystal structure, the coordinates of the k-points and the suggested band path.

SeeK-path web service main output

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seekpath-2.1.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl (77.5 kB view hashes)

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