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A lightweight wrapper around Selenium python repo.

Project description

An lightweight extension to Selenium/Appium Python.
It's inspired by Selenide from Java world and Selene

Short Features Overview:

  • Selen-kaa is easy integrated with your existing either Selenium or Appium code,
  • Selen-kaa doesn't break any line of your existing project!
  • Selen-kaa is compatible with any standard Selenium\Appium methods.
    For instance:
# Your old Selenium code
browser = webdriver.Chrome()

# The same works with `selen-kaa`
from se_wrapper.webdriver import SeWebDriver

browser = BrowserDriver(webdriver.Chrome())  # wrap your browser to SeWebDriver 
# any methods from the WebDriver works!
element = browser.find_element_by_css(".test-class")

Besides, standard Selenium/Appium, Selen-kaa introduces more convenient way to interact with a web page and web elements through init_web_element() and init_all_web_elements():
What it brings you? Possibility to create the web element in __init__() method of a Page Object, as the WebDriver would search this element only at the time of interaction with it:

browser = BrowserDriver(webdriver.Chrome())

class MyPage:

    def __init__():
        # lazy creation of a web element
        # it's safe, you would have no NoSuchElementException
        # even if `self.element1` has not been rendered yet on the web page, 
        self.element1 = browser.init_web_element("#test")
page = MyPage()
browser.get("") # WebDriver would `find_element` and click it only on this step

init_web_element() returns SeWebElement object, which has attributes of standard WebElement but with additional logic of lazy initialization, custom waits and conditions. init_all_web_elements() returns SeElementsArray - a collection of SeWebElement objects with the same lazy initialization logic.

element1 = browser.init_web_element("#test")
element1.should.be_visible(timeout=4) # wait 4 seconds until element becomes visible

elements = browser.init_all_web_elements(".test-class")
elements[0].should.have_exact_text(text="first element", timeout=4)

When SeWebDriver initializes a new SeWebElement it waits for the element with a default timeout (4 seconds), so you don't need to handle waits your self!

Use css selector or xpath for SeWebElement initialization:

browser.init_web_element("//div//a[contains(@href, '/imgres')]")

About CSS selectors

If you need any other strategy to find an element, provide an optional locator_strategy, e.g. for Appium:

browser.init_web_element("**/XCUIElementTypeImage[`label == "test"`]", locator_strategy=MobileBy.IOS_CLASS_CHAIN)
browser.init_web_element("access-id", locator_strategy=MobileBy.ACCESSIBILITY_ID)

More handful methods

Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to be visible. Condition should raises Timeout exception if the element is not visible within timeout. Condition expect returns True if the element is visible or False if it is not visible within timeout.

browser = BrowserDriver(webdriver.Chrome())  # wrap your browser to SeWebDriver 
element = browser.init_web_element(".test-class")


Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to be invisible.


Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to have class.

element.should.have_class(expected_class, timeout)
element.expect.have_class(expected_class, timeout)

Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to include another element with css or xpath selector.

element.should.include_element(child_selector, timeout)
element.expect.include_element(child_selector, timeout)

Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to contain a text. Contain would be True for "text" in "this is fulltext."

element.should.contain_text(text, timeout)
element.expect.contain_text(text, timeout)

Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to have_similar_text. Not precise comparision, e.g. returns True for: "some" in "this is some text", " test\n" and "test", "TEST" and "test". Ignores whitespaces and is case insensitive.

element.should.have_similar_text(text, timeout)
element.expect.have_similar_text(text, timeout)

Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to have exact text. Strict comparision "text == text"

element.should.have_exact_text(text, timeout)
element.expect.have_exact_text(text, timeout)

Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to be not present in dom.


Wait for element with css selector ".test-class" to be on the screen. Checks if element's coordinates match viewport height and width.


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