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Semantic link for Microsoft Fabric

Project description

Semantic link is a feature that allows you to establish a connection between Power BI datasets and Synapse Data Science in Microsoft Fabric.

The primary goals of semantic link are to facilitate data connectivity, enable the propagation of semantic information, and seamlessly integrate with established tools used by data scientists, such as notebooks.

Semantic link helps you to preserve domain knowledge about data semantics in a standardized way that can speed up data analysis and reduce errors.

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This package has been tested with Microsoft Fabric.

Getting started


About the semantic link packages

The functionalities for semantic link are split into multiple packages to allow for a modular installation. If you want to install only a subset of the semantic link functionalities, you can install the individual packages instead of the semantic-link meta-package. This can help solve dependency issues. The following are some of the available packages:

Install the semantic-link meta package

To install the semantic-link package in Microsoft Fabric, you have two options:

  • Install the SemPy Python library in your notebook kernel by executing this code in a notebook cell:

    %pip install semantic-link
  • Alternatively, you can add semantic link to your workspace libraries directly. For more information, see Install workspace libraries.

Key concepts

SemPy offers the following capabilitites:

  • Connectivity to Power BI
  • Connectivity through Power BI Spark native connector
  • Data augmentation with Power BI measures
  • Semantic propagation for pandas users
  • Built-in and custom semantic functions

Change logs


  • FabricRestClient & PowerBIRestClient: support waiting for long-run operations
  • FabricRestClient & PowerBIRestClient: support paged responses
  • Added resolve_item_id and resolve_item_name
  • evaluate_dax: support reading data from semantic models with read-only access


  • internal bug fixes


  • add delta_column_mapping_mode parameter to FabricDataFrame.to_onelake_table
  • update find_relationships: swap from/to for relationships to align with PowerBI
  • make sure users can execute DAX against semantic models they have access to AND not have access to the workspace
  • support jupyter runtime
  • update list_columns : added missing workspace parameter
  • fix list_partitions: record / segment computation
  • fix list_tables_duplicates
  • fix list_tables(extended=True)
  • fix broken doc links


  • list_* (additional_xmla_properties): handle property names that might fail for some rows
  • fix list_tables


  • fix list_annotations


  • add create_tom_server
  • add additional_xmla_properties argument to all applicable list_* functions
  • add list_annotations
  • update list_columns: alternate columns/tables
  • update list_relationships: add extended argument
  • update list_hierarchies: add extended argument
  • update list_partitions: add extended argument
  • update list_measures: add additional columns
  • fix plot_relationship_metadata: arrows for relationships point in the same direction as PowerBI
  • fix list_datasources


  • add list_datasources
  • add list_dataflows
  • add list_apps
  • add list_list_gateways
  • add list_tables
  • add list_calcuation_items
  • add list_columns
  • add list_perspectives
  • introduce the "extended" flag to query DMVs with more information (e.g. table size)
  • add additional xmla properties
  • update capacity id to lower case
  • make FabricDataFrame creation more robust
  • fix list_translations

Next steps

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