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Base Driver for Communicating With Sensirion SHDLC Devices

Project description

This package contains the base driver for Sensirion SHDLC devices. It allows to transmit and receive SHDLC frames over the serial port and provides some generic commands (e.g. reading the serial number of a device).


Normally you shouldn’t use this driver directly - instead you should use the device-specific driver for your actual device as it provides additional commands. But this driver is still useful if you want to transceive raw SHDLC frames, or if there is no specific driver available yet for your device.

Installation and Usage

The user manual is available at



  • Move parts of ShdlcDevice into new base class ShdlcDeviceBase


  • Make signature and version offset configurable for ShdlcFirmwareImage


  • Add property is_open to ShdlcPort, ShdlcSerialPort and ShdlcTcpPort

  • Improve/extend documentation


  • Add ShdlcTcpPort class to communicate with SHDLC devices through TCP/IP

  • Add property start_received to ShdlcSerialMisoFrameBuilder

  • Add methods open() and close() to the ShdlcPort interface

  • Add parameter do_open to constructor of ShdlcSerialPort to allow creating ShdlcSerialPort instances without opening the port yet

  • Add property additional_response_time to ShdlcSerialPort

  • Improve timeout calculation of ShdlcSerialPort to fix possible response timeout errors

  • Make FirmwareUpdate failing early if the bitrate cannot be changed


  • Add optional dependency intelhex for performing firmware updates

  • Add bootloader commands: ShdlcCmdBootloaderBase, ShdlcCmdEnterBootloader, ShdlcCmdFirmwareUpdateStart, ShdlcCmdFirmwareUpdateData, ShdlcCmdFirmwareUpdateStop

  • Add exceptions for the firmware updater: ShdlcFirmwareImageSignatureError, ShdlcFirmwareImageIncompatibilityError

  • Add classes to perform firmware updates over SHDLC: ShdlcFirmwareImage, ShdlcFirmwareUpdate

  • Add property lock to the ShdlcPort interface to allow locking the port from outside the class


  • Initial release

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sensirion-shdlc-driver-0.1.5.tar.gz (21.2 kB view hashes)

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