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Integration helpers for Sentry and Nameko

Project description

# sentry-nameko

This library provides an custom Data Interface for Sentry allowing you to better
integrate [Nameko]( Call ID Stacks in your
logged events.

## Installing and Prerequisites

You need Sentry installed. Instructions can be found

Install sentry-nameko into the virtualenv that your Sentry instance is installed

pip install sentry-nameko

In your sentry config (by default, at `~/.sentry/`), you need to
extend the `SENTRY_ALLOWED_INTERFACES` setting to include our custom interface.
You'll probably want something like this:


## Logging events example

Presuming you're using built-in `logging`, and you've set up handlers to hit
sentry, you can provide Call ID data to Sentry like so:


# worker_ctx is a WorkerContext instance

'tags': {
'call_id': worker_ctx.call_id,
'parent_call_id': worker_ctx.immediate_parent_call_id,
'sentry_nameko.CallIdStack': {
'call_id_stack': worker_ctx.call_id_stack,


The tagging of the `call_id` and `parent_call_id` fields enables searches to be
performed on events accordingly. The use of `sentry_call_id_stack.CallIdStack`
triggers the custom data interface.

The `WorkerContext` class provides an `extra_for_logging` property where you
can provide a default value for the `extra` parameters of log statements. It's
recommended that you create an application specific sub-class where you return
the extra data above, as well as anything else you'd like logged. Nameko's
built-in log statements will automatically take advantage of this:


class MyApplicationWorkerContext(WorkerContext):
def extra_for_logging(self):
return {
'tags': {
'call_id': worker_ctx.call_id,
'parent_call_id': worker_ctx.immediate_parent_call_id,
'my_custom_tag': 'tag value',
'sentry_nameko.CallIdStack': {
'call_id_stack': worker_ctx.call_id_stack,

logger.log(log_level, message, extra=worker_ctx.extra_for_logging)


## Contributing

`sentry-nameko` is developed on GitHub, primarily by the development team at
[onefinestay]( The GitHub repository is

You are welcome and encouraged to contribute comments, suggestions, patches
and feature requests.

## License

Apache 2.0. See LICENSE for details.

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