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Python library that implementing selective serialization

Project description


**serafin** is a python library that allows to selectively serialize different
kinds of python object into something that can be dumped to JSON or YAML.

.. note::
The project follows the semantic versioning scheme: Until 1.0 the minor

* The *patch* versions only include bugfixes and changes that do not
modify the existing interface. You can safely update a patch version
without worrying it will break your code.
* The *minor* versions will contain changes to the interface. With a
single version update your code will most likely work or might require
small adjustments. The more minor versions you update at once the
bigger the chance that something will brake.
* The *major* versions are reserved for significant refactorings and
architecture changes. This should not happen very often so the major
version should not change much.

.. note::
The CircleCI builds can be found
`here <>`_

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.. code-block:: shell

$ pip install serafin


Cloning and setting up the development repo

.. code-block:: shell

$ git clone
$ cd serafin
$ virtualenv env
$ source ./env/bin/activate
$ pip install .
$ pip install -r ops/devrequirements.txt
$ peltak git add-hoooks

Running tests

**Config**: The types of tests are defined in ```` and the
pytest configuration is defined in ``ops/tools/pytest.ini``.

.. code-block:: shell

$ peltak test


**Config**: The list of locations to lint is defined in ```` and the
linters configuration is defined in ``ops/tools/{pylint,pep8}.ini``.

.. code-block:: shell

$ peltak lint

Generating docs

**Config**: The list of documented files and general configuration is in
```` and the Sphinx configuration is defined in ``docs/``.

.. code-block:: shell

$ peltak docs

Project details

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serafin-0.12.2.tar.gz (15.4 kB view hashes)

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