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Use git repo data for building a version number according PEP-440

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Use git repo data (latest tag, current commit hash, etc) for building a version number according PEP 440.


  • Can be installed & configured through both and PEP 518’s pyproject.toml

  • Does not require to change source code of the project

  • Tag-, file-, and callback-based versioning schemas are supported

  • Templates for tag, dev and dirty versions are separated

  • Templates support a lot of substitutions including git and environment information

  • Well-documented

See comparison between setuptools-git-versioning and other tools.


  • Currently the only supported VCS is Git

  • Only Git v2 is supported

  • Only Setuptools build backend is supported (no Poetry & others)

  • Currently does not support automatic exporting of package version to a file for runtime use (but you can use setuptools-git-versioning > file redirect instead)



Contribution Guide




Just add setuptools-git-versioning to build-sytem section of your pyproject.toml, add a section tool.setuptools-git-versioning with config options, and mark the project version as dynamic.

requires = [ "setuptools>=41", "wheel", "setuptools-git-versioning>=2.0,<3", ]
build-backend = "setuptools.build_meta"

enabled = true

dynamic = ["version"]

And check the package version generated (see command help):

$ python -m setuptools_git_versioning

# or

$ setuptools-git-versioning

Just add setuptools-git-versioning to setup_requires argument of setuptools.setup function call, and then add new argument setuptools_git_versioning with config options:

import setuptools

        "enabled": True,

And check the package version generated (see command help):

$ python --version

# or

$ python -m setuptools_git_versioning

# or

$ setuptools-git-versioning

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