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Easy sequence alignment plots

Project description


A python tool to plot BAM or CRAM sequence reads.


install cairo if not already installed:

# macOS via conda, or via homebrew (choose one, then set the library path)
conda install cairo pkgconfig
brew install cairo pkg-config

Install shabam:

pip install shabam

The dream

from shabam import seqplot
seqplot('example.bam', chrom='1', start=30243, end=30321,
    fastafile='reference.fasta', out='plot.svg')


Plotting options

  • shade reads by strand with by_strand=True
  • plot multiple sequence files together with a list of paths e.g. ['child.bam', 'mom.bam', 'dad.bam']
  • export PDF, PNG, SVG or PS formatted plots with matching filename extensions

Command line version

shabam \
  --seqfiles tests/data/example.bam \
  --chrom 1 \
  --start 30243 \
  --end 30321 \
  --fastafile tests/data/reference.fasta \
  --out plot.svg

Further improvements to the dream

  • Use consensus sequence when we don't provide a reference sequence
  • Allow custom colors
  • Compute proportion of variants at any site
  • Plot read depth
  • At positions with proportion of variants > threshold, reflect proportion with base colors
  • Option to scale plotted base size, currently at 10 pixels per base
  • Optionally shade plots deepVariant style:
    • red channel: nucleotide
    • blue channel: read strand
    • green channel: base quality
    • alpha: base supports ref or alt
  • Flatten vertical plotting in high depth sequence data
  • Down-sample reads for extremely high depth sequence data (>1000X)


Initial cigar parsing code lifted with permission from pybamview.

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shabam-1.0.0.tar.gz (10.1 kB view hashes)

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