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Automagic shell tab completion for Python CLI applications

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  • What: Automatically generate shell tab completion scripts for Python CLI apps

  • Why: Speed & correctness. Alternatives like argcomplete and pyzshcomplete are slow and have side-effects

  • How: shtab processes an argparse.ArgumentParser object to generate a tab completion script for your shell


  • Outputs tab completion scripts for

    • bash

    • zsh

    • tcsh

  • Supports

  • Supports arguments, options and subparsers

  • Supports choices (e.g. --say={hello,goodbye})

  • Supports file and directory path completion

  • Supports custom path completion (e.g. --file={*.txt})


Choose one of:

  • pip install shtab, or

  • conda install -c conda-forge shtab

See operating system-specific instructions in the docs.


There are two ways of using shtab:

  • CLI Usage: shtab’s own CLI interface for external applications

    • may not require any code modifications whatsoever

    • end-users execute shtab your_cli_app.your_parser_object

  • Library Usage: as a library integrated into your CLI application

    • adds a couple of lines to your application

    • argument mode: end-users execute your_cli_app --print-completion {bash,zsh,tcsh}

    • subparser mode: end-users execute your_cli_app completion {bash,zsh,tcsh}


See the docs for usage examples.


Not working? Check out frequently asked questions.


  • argcomplete

    • executes the underlying script every time <TAB> is pressed (slow and has side-effects)

    • only provides bash completion

  • pyzshcomplete

    • executes the underlying script every time <TAB> is pressed (slow and has side-effects)

    • only provides zsh completion

  • click

    • different framework completely replacing the builtin argparse

    • solves multiple problems (rather than POSIX-style “do one thing well”)


Please do open issues & pull requests! Some ideas:

  • support fish

  • support powershell

See for more guidance.


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