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Bayesian NMF methods for mutational signature analysis & transcriptomic profiling on GPUs (Getz Lab).

Project description


Automatic Relevance Determination (ARD) - NMF of mutational signature & expression data. Designed for scalability using Pytorch to run using GPUs if available.

Requires Python 3.6.0 or higher.

Please visit our wiki for full documentation.



pip3 install signatureanalyzer


Git Clone
  • git clone --recursive
  • cd getzlab-SignatureAnalyzer
  • pip3 install -e .

Note --recurisve flag is required to clone submodules.



  • docker pull
  • docker run -it --rm

Source Publications

PCAWG Mutational Signatures

  • Alexandrov, L. B., Kim, J., Haradhvala, N. J., Huang, M. N., Ng, A. W. T., Wu, Y., ... & Islam, S. A. (2020). The repertoire of mutational signatures in human cancer. Nature, 578(7793), 94-101.
  • see:
  • see ./PCAWG/

SignatureAnalyzer-GPU source publication

SignatureAnalyzer-CPU source publications

  • Kim, J. et al. Somatic ERCC2 mutations are associated with a distinct genomic signature in urothelial tumors. Nat. Genet. 48, 600–606 (2016). (

  • Kasar, S. et al. Whole-genome sequencing reveals activation-induced cytidine deaminase signatures during indolent chronic lymphocytic leukaemia evolution. Nat. Commun. 6, 8866 (2015). (

Mathematical details

  • Tan, V. Y. F., Edric, C. & Evotte, F. Automatic Relevance Determination in Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with the β-Divergence. (2012). (

Command Line Interface

usage: signatureanalyzer [-h] [-t {maf,spectra,matrix}] [-n NRUNS] [-o OUTDIR]
                         [--reference {cosmic2,cosmic3,cosmic3_exome,cosmic3_DBS,cosmic3_ID,cosmic3_TSB, 
			               pcawg_COMPOSITE, pcawg_COMPOSITE96, pcawg_SBS_ID, pcawg_SBS96_ID, pcawg_SBS,
			 	       polymerase_msi, polymerase_msi96}]
                         [--hg_build HG_BUILD] [--cuda_int CUDA_INT]
                         [--verbose] [--K0 K0] [--max_iter MAX_ITER]
                         [--del_ DEL_] [--tolerance TOLERANCE] [--phi PHI]
                         [--a A] [--b B] [--objective {poisson,gaussian}]
                         [--prior_on_W {L1,L2}] [--prior_on_H {L1,L2}]
                         [--report_freq REPORT_FREQ]
                         [--active_thresh ACTIVE_THRESH] [--cut_norm CUT_NORM]
                         [--cut_diff CUT_DIFF]


signatureanalyzer input.maf -n 10 --reference cosmic2 --objective poisson

Python API

import signatureanalyzer as sa

# ---------------------
# ---------------------

# Run array of decompositions with mutational signature processing
sa.run_maf(PATH_TO_MAF, outdir='./ardnmf_output/', reference='cosmic2', hg_build='./ref/hg19.2bit', nruns=10)

# Run ARD-NMF algorithm standalone

# ---------------------
# ---------------------
import pandas as pd

H = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'H')
W = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'W')
Hraw = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'Hraw')
Wraw = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'Wraw')
feature_signatures = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'signatures')
markers = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'markers')
cosine = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'cosine')
log = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'log')

# Output for each run may be found at...
Hrun1 = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'run1/H')
Wrun1 = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'run1/W')
# etc...

# Aggregate output information for each run
aggr = pd.read_hdf('nmf_output.h5', 'aggr')

# ---------------------
# ---------------------

Project details

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signatureanalyzer-0.0.9.tar.gz (183.3 kB view hashes)

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