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Powerfull, lightweight, and multi-platform command line client written with Python for Duniter’s currencies: Ğ1 and Ğ1-Test.

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Powerfull, lightweight, and multi-platform command line client written with Python for Ğ1 and Ğ1-Test currencies



Install with your favorite package manager. See below the packaging status paragraph.


If you want a more recent version install with pipx:

sudo apt install pipx
pipx install silkaj

Docker images

There is two kind of images. One build with pip for user purposes, and one using Poetry for developer purposes.

For contributing purposes


  • Get help usage with -h or --help options, then run:
silkaj <sub-command>
  • Will automatically request and post data on 443 main Ğ1 node.

  • Specify a custom node with -ep option:

silkaj -ep <hostname>:<port> <sub-command>


Currency information & blockchain exploration

  • Check the present currency information stand
  • Display current proof of work difficulty level to generate the next block
  • Explore the blockchain block by block
  • Verify blockchain blocks hashes

Money management

  • Transaction emission
    • Multi-recipients transaction support
    • Read transaction recipients and amounts from a file
  • Consult wallets balances
  • Consult wallet history

Web-of-Trust management

  • Look up for public keys and identities
  • Check sent and received certifications and consult the membership status of any given identity in the Web of Trust
  • Certification emission
  • Membership emission
  • Revocation file handling


  • Authentication methods: Scrypt, file, and (E)WIF


  • Display Ğ1 monetary license
  • Public key checksum



Silkaj is based on following Python modules:

  • Click: Composable command line interface toolkit
  • DuniterPy: Most complete client oriented Python library for Duniter/Ğ1 ecosystem
  • Pendulum: Datetimes made easy
  • texttable: Creation of simple ASCII tables


I wanted to call that program:

  • bamiyan
  • margouillat
  • lsociety
  • cashmere

I finally called it Silkaj as Silk in esperanto.


Packaging status

Packaging status

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silkaj-0.11.2-py3-none-any.whl (83.3 kB view hashes)

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