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Simple event-based socket objects

Project description


import random
import time
from simple_socket.tcp_client import SimpleTCPClient # try also SimpleSSLClient for semi-secure communication (it does not verify the cert)

client = SimpleTCPClient('', 1885)
print('client.Hostname=', client.Hostname)

# by default, the client will connect and attempt to maintain its connection.
# if you want to manually control the connection, pass autoConnect=False
# then use the .Connect() and .Disconnect() methods to manage your connection manually

client.onConnected = lambda _, state: print('The client is', state)
client.onDisconnected = lambda _, state: print('The client is', state)

client.onReceive = lambda _, data: print('Rx:', data)

while True:
    cmd = random.choice(['q', 'n', 'i'])
    print('sending:', cmd)
    if 'Connected' in client.ConnectionStatus:


from simple_socket.udp_client import SimpleUDPClient
import time

client1 = SimpleUDPClient('localhost', sendIPPort=1025, receiveIPPort=1024)

def Client1HandleReceive(interface, data):
    client1.Send('From client1 echo: {}'.format(data.decode()))

client1.onReceive = Client1HandleReceive
print('client1=', client1)

client2 = SimpleUDPClient('localhost', sendIPPort=1024, receiveIPPort=1025)
client2.onReceive = lambda _, data: print('Rx:', data)
print('client2=', client2)
while True:
    client2.Send(f'From client2: The time is {time.asctime()}\r\n')


from simple_socket.tcp_server import SimpleTCPServer # try also SimpleSSLServer for semi-secure communication (it uses a self-signed cert)
server = SimpleTCPServer(3888)

server.onConnected = lambda client, state: print('Client {} is {}'.format(client, state))
server.onDisconnected = lambda client, state: print('Client {} is {}'.format(client, state))

def HandleRx(client, data):
    print('Server received {} from {}'.format(data, client))
    client.Send(b'Echo: ' + data + b'\r\n')

    if b'q' in data:
        # the server can force-close a connection
        # in this case,
        # the server will disconnect a client if they send the letter 'q'

server.onReceive = HandleRx


You can pass the parameter “listenAddress” to a Server init. This will allow you to listen to

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