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A simple WatchDog Timer (WDT) to trigger events if inactivity, of a time dependent task, occur for a specified amount of time.

Project description


  • Python – one of the following:


Package is uploaded on PyPI.

You can install it with pip:

$ python3 -m pip install simple_watchdog_timer

Backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility is only guaranteed between minor versions above the stable version (1.0) Therefore it’s advised to to pin the module on a version ether the specific version like: simple_watchdog_timer==X.X.X

or get the latest minor version: simple_watchdog_timer~=X.X.X

See more examples of how to pin version in PEP-440.


For support, please refer to StackOverflow.


The following example showcases the usage

import simple_watchdog_timer as swt
from random import uniform
from time import sleep

def cb(dog):
    # When the callback gets triggered, it's good practice to pause the WDT to prevent it firing again, while you are handling the action required when it triggers

    # Do something when the WDT triggers...
    print('WDT Triggered')

    # Update / reset the internal WDT timer (dog.reset() does the same), this is important to avoid the time spent in the callback to influence the next triggering

    # Resume the WDT

    # ...or:

    # If you would like to completely stop the WDT
    # dog.stop()

    # But you regret and want to start it again
    # dog.start()

    # Tip: stop() and start() can also be used instead of the more manual pause, update and resume if that is preferred (more simple, but less in-line expressive)

def main():
    wdt = swt.WDT(check_interval_sec=0.01, trigger_delta_sec=0.50, callback=cb)

    while True:
        zzz_sec = uniform(0, 0.60)
        print('Sleep for {}'.format(zzz_sec))


if __name__ == '__main__':

This example will print:

Raw data:
Sleep for 0.1492276414753453
Sleep for 0.5913061085397784
WDT Triggered
Sleep for 0.17619615161373772
Sleep for 0.5853218597734956
WDT Triggered
Sleep for 0.38154937243934783
Sleep for 0.5000195244886919
WDT Triggered
Sleep for 0.08607711764377268
Sleep for 0.31192761174090605
Sleep for 0.02722456895623042


TimedDict is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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