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Project description

### simpledb

Miniature [Redis]( database written in Python.

#### installing

$ pip install simpledb

Alternatively, you can install from git:

$ git clone
$ cd simpledb
$ python install

#### running

by default, the simpledb server runs on localhost:31337.

the following options are supported:

Usage: [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-d, --debug Log debug messages.
-e, --errors Log error messages only.
-t, --use-threads Use threads instead of gevent.
-H HOST, --host=HOST Host to listen on.
-m MAX_CLIENTS, --max-clients=MAX_CLIENTS
Maximum number of clients.
-p PORT, --port=PORT Port to listen on.
-l LOG_FILE, --log-file=LOG_FILE
Log file.
Import path for Python extension module(s).

to run with debug logging on port 31339, for example:

$ -d -p 31339

#### docker

simpledb ships with a [Dockerfile](
or can be pulled from dockerhub as *coleifer/simpledb*. The dockerfile setups
up a volume at `/var/lib/simpledb` and exposes port `31337`.



$ docker run -it --rm -p 31337:31337 coleifer/simpledb



$ cd simpledb/docker
$ docker build -t simpledb .
$ docker run -d -p 31337:31337 -v simpledb-logs:/var/lib/simpledb simpledb

#### usage

the server is capable of storing the following data-types natively:

* strings and/or binary data
* numerical values
* null
* lists (may be nested)
* dictionaries (may be nested)


from simpledb import Client

client = Client()
client.set('key', {'name': 'Charlie', 'pets': ['mickey', 'huey']})

{'name': 'Charlie', 'pets': ['mickey', 'huey']}

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