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Simplelayout component providing content types.

Project description


This package is a dependency of simplelayout.base. following features for simplelayout are provided by this package

  • Page Type

    • folderish

    • contains blocks (paragraph, images, links, files)

  • Paragraph

    • special content type for simplelayout Pages

    • configurable like show title, show references, etc…

  • make image, link and files to blocks

  • provides block views and a fallback view

Usage / Installation


This package provides an uninstall Generic Setup profile.


3.1.0 (2014-06-11)

  • Implement Generic Setup uninstall profile. [jone]

3.0.3 (2013-09-24)

  • Remove handleEmptyTextField validator, use default validators. The validator makes it impossible to edit a Paragraph when it has no text content. [jone]

3.0.2 (2013-08-28)

  • Fix Page schema markup. [jone]

3.0.1 (2013-05-02)

  • Fix visualClear [mathias.leimgruber]

3.0 (2013-03-29)

  • Lawgiver support: map permissions. [jone]

  • Remove unused action expression. [Julian Infanger]

  • Fix anchor in (moved befor title). [mathias.leimgruber]

  • Remove unused id from block, to prevent creating duplicated ids in block and anchor. [Julian Infanger]

  • Text field: use text/x-html-safe output format and only allow text/html input. [jone]

3.0c1 (2013-01-24)

  • Use Plone default views for File and Link. Be less harmful. [mathias.leimgruber]

  • Move package to github. [jone]

  • Import registerType from LinguaPlone if its installed. [Julian Infanger]

3.0b7 (2012-05-09)

  • Replaced useless translation. [Julian Infanger]

3.0b6 (2012-04-25)

  • Set title attribute for link if a image is clickable. [Julian Infanger]

3.0b5 (2012-04-23)

  • Image title should not be a link, if image is clickable. [Julian Infanger]

  • Do not show “opens in new window” in tooltip. [Julian Infanger]

3.0b4 (2012-04-02)

  • Use blobstorage for image field. [eschmutz]

  • Use h2 instead of h3 to display paragraphs title. [Julian Infanger]

3.0b3 (2012-03-26)

  • Removed mimetype text, the mimetype is indicated by the icon. [mathias.leimgruber]

  • Use getIcon to get the files icon. [Julian Infanger]

3.0b2 (2012-03-05)

  • Fixed changelog. [tschanzt]

3.0b1 (2012-03-05)

  • Activate versioning and diff for paragraphs. [jone]

  • Add view download_image for jquery.lightbox in simplelayout.ui.base [22.12.2011, eschmutz]

  • Applied patch from Carsten Rebbien. Changes for plone 4.1 [15.11.2011, mathias.leimgruber]

  • Plone 4.1 compatibility: do not render scales when no image should be displayed anyway. [03.08.2011, jbaumann]

  • Do not use document_relatedItems macro. [20.06.2011, mathias.leimgruber]

  • fixed getBlockHeight function [27.12.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

  • added upload action for PloneFlashUpload to Page. [05.10.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

  • implemented image scaling by [30.09.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

  • Added support [20.09.2010, jbaumann]

  • Made simplelayout file view work again. Cleaned up the views [07.09.2010, jbaumann]

  • included patch, which fixes a problem with long image captions thanks to Carsten Rebbien <cr at comlounge dot net>

    [29.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

  • added icon_expr directly to the content types xml [12.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

  • removed old zope2 style imports [12.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]

  • some changes in views and templates for plone4 [12.07.2010, mathias.leimgruber]


  • use orderable schema from schemaextender [mathias.leimgruber]


  • removed AddRemoveWidget dependency [mathias.leimgruber]


  • removed unused checkforeditmode method [mathias.leimgruber]

  • removed simplelayout-edit-button and replace it by the plones default one [mmathias.leimgruber]

  • removed move up/down actions [mathias.leimgruber]


  • fixed minor bug in [victor.baumann]


  • fix permissions for delete actions in blockable types [mathias.leimgruber]


  • add mixinklasse module

  • use simplelayout sizes for atct image scales

  • fix translations [julian.infanger]


  • don’t show regular Document(Page) [mathias.leimgruber]

  • remove leadimage from Page schemata [mathias.leimgruber]

  • extend plone image with alternative-text field [arno.blumer]


  • Bug Fixes


  • Initial release

  • Base simplelayout types:

  • Paragraph (default block)

  • makes images, link and file blockable

  • includes some configs made by GS

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