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Simple library with simple parser which parses simple expressions.

Project description


Simple expressions parser.


Installing via pip:

$ pip install simpleparser



To simply parse something, use Parser.parse method. With Parser you can describe different parsers. There is ready-made Defaults.parser.

from simpleparser import Defaults
expr = "a + b / 2"
parsed = Defaults.parser.parse(expr)
parsed(a=2, b=4) # returns 4.0

Parser.parse returns callable ParsedExpression object.

Custom parsers

Parser can be easily configured. It is described by a set of operators and constants types (such as numbers or booleans). See the Operator and ConstantType documentation below.

from simpleparser import Parser, Defaults
my_parser = Parser(
    operators=[, Defaults.minus, Defaults.mul, Defaults.div], # using some operators from `Defaults` here
    constants=[Defaults.integers_decimal, Defaults.float_point]

Here my_parser parses simple math expressions with 4 basic operators and decimal numbers, for example 1 + 2.0 * a.


Creating a custom operator:

from simpleparser import Operator, Parser
in_op = Operator(
    func=lambda el, container: el in container,
# creating new parser which uses this operator
new_parser = Parser([in_op], [])
el_in_set_checker = new_parser.parse("a in A")
el_in_set_checker(a=1, A={1, 2, 3}) # True
el_in_set_checker(a=0, A={1, 2, 3}) # False


Describes a type of constants which can be used in expression. Here is the definition of Defaults.boolean:

from simpleparser import ConstantType
boolean = ConstantType(r"(True|False|true|false)$", lambda s: True if s in {"True", "true"} else False)

Parser with this constant type replaces words which are matched by the boolean's regular expression to True or False.

parser = Parser([],[boolean])
parser.parse("True")() # True
parser.parse("false")() # False

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