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Sketchfab client

Project description

Sketchfab API Client

Getting started

Install the module:

pip3 install sketchfab

Using the CLI

SKETCHFAB_API_TOKEN=XXXX sketchfab upload -f

Using the lib

This code creates a directory for each of your collection and places all models inside it.

import os
import sketchfab

sfc = sketchfab.Client('YOUR-API-KEY')
for c in sfc.collections():
    print("Collection:", c)
    col_dir = os.path.join("download",
    os.makedirs(col_dir, exist_ok=True)
    for m in c.models():
        model_dir = os.path.join(col_dir,
        print(f"  Model: {} ({model_dir})")
        if not os.path.exists(model_dir):
            os.rename(m.download_to_dir(), model_dir)

Which will give you something like that:

Collection: Collection{empty collection}
Collection: Collection{housing-updates}
  Model: tableKitchen80x200 (download/housing-updates/tableKitchen80x200)
  Model: kitchenModSink120x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModSink120x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModSink60x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModSink60x65x90)
  Model: kitchenModFridge60x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModFridge60x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModCorner65x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModCorner65x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModBasic10x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModBasic10x65x90)
  Model: kitchenModWasher60x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModWasher60x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModSink60x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModSink60x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModBasic20x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModBasic20x65x210)
  Model: washbasin120x60 (download/housing-updates/washbasin120x60)
  Model: kitchenModWasher60x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModWasher60x65x90)
  Model: bedDouble140x200-2 (download/housing-updates/bedDouble140x200-2)
  Model: simpleBed90x200 (download/housing-updates/simpleBed90x200)
  Model: wcFloor70x40 (download/housing-updates/wcFloor70x40)
  Model: kitchenModBasic60x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModBasic60x65x90)
  Model: kitchenModDishWasher60x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModDishWasher60x65x90)
  Model: kitchenModSink120x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModSink120x65x90)
  Model: kitchenModStove60x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModStove60x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModStove60x65x90 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModStove60x65x90)
  Model: washbasin60x60 (download/housing-updates/washbasin60x60)
  Model: tableKitchen80x140 (download/housing-updates/tableKitchen80x140)
  Model: shower90x90 (download/housing-updates/shower90x90)
  Model: kitchenModDishWasher60x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModDishWasher60x65x210)
  Model: kitchenModBasic10x65x210 (download/housing-updates/kitchenModBasic10x65x210)

Using docker

$ docker run -e SKETCHFAB_API_TOKEN=XXXXX -ti habx/sketchfab list_collections
Collections are:
2019-10-20 21:12:24,417 Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2019-10-20 21:12:24,762 "GET /v3/me/collections HTTP/1.1" 200 None
- Collection 1
- Collection 2



  • The API is designed to be as simple as possible to use

Known issues

  • The code might not be the most elegant. I'm definitely interested by any feedback you can provide me on that.

  • The official swagger-based documentation is not respecting the API behavior. As such you might find that:

    • The library enforces some strange rules (like passing a model when creating a model)
    • The library doesn't properly use the API (like listing the models of a collection through search)

    In both case it was by trial and error that I discovered how to use the API. If you find better ways to do it I'm interested.

  • The listing doesn't work with long lists (it needs to be re-implemented as an iterable calling the listing API)

  • The CLI is pretty much useless at this stage

Missing APIs

You can submit pull-requests or ask me to implement any feature that you need and might be missing.

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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