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Pipe command output to Slack from your terminal!

Project description

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<h2 align="center">SlackCat</h3>
<p align="center">Concatenate files(s), or <code>stdin</code>, directly to Slack.<br>
3-minute setup & no third-party integration required.
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### Get SlackCat

Download using pip via pypi.

pip install slackcat

Next, head to the [Slack Incoming WebHooks Configuration](, click
the ``Add Configuration`` button and set the default configuration values to your
liking. Once complete, copy the Webhook URL which we'll need in the next step.

Open your ``~/.bash_profile`` file add following:



_Make sure to replace the "" with the one provided above._

### Usage


# - "Hey what's your public key dog?"
slackcat @doug ~/.ssh/

# - "Do we still use that crypto library written by the Cheese Cake Factory?"
grep -r 'from cheesecake.factory import x509' ./ | slackcat @paul

# - "Are you sure it's on your path?"
echo $PATH | slackcat "#general"

# - "These queries filling up in syslog look suspicious"
tail -f /var/log/syslog | slackcat "#general" -f

### Customization

If you would like to override the bot's username, add the following line to your ``~/.bash_profile`` file:


export SLACKCAT_USERNAME="abraham-linksys"

If you would like to override the bot's icon image, add the following line to your ``~/.bash_profile`` file:



### Development
Development of "SlackCat" is facilitated exclusively on GitHub. Contributions in the form of patches, tests and feature creation and/or requests are very welcome and highly encouraged. Please open an issue if this tool does not function as you'd expect.

**How to release updates**

If this is the first time you're releasing to pypi, you'll need to run: ``pip install -r tests/dev_requirements.txt``.

Once complete, execute the following commands:


git checkout master

# Increment the version number and tag the release.
bumpversion [major|minor|patch]

# Upload the distribution to PyPi
python sdist bdist_wheel upload

# Since master often contains work-in-progress changes, increment the version
# to a patch release to prevent inaccurate attribution.
bumpversion --no-tag patch

git push origin master --tags

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