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A Seminar and Conference websites built on Plone

Project description


You need to have at least Products.Archetypes 1.5.15 or later. If you are running Plone 3.3.4, this is not the case. You can then simply pin Archetypes to 1.5.15 and it should work.

Detailed Documentation

slc.seminarportal can be used to model and present seminars and conferences.

When you view a seminar, you will be presented with a roster showing all the rooms (venues) and the speeches held in those rooms. The roster is a table with the rooms as the columns and the times of the speeches as the rows.

To show a column with the speech times on the roster, make sure to check the box on the bottom of the seminar edit page.

Content Types:

The following content types are available:

  • Seminar

    The Seminar is globally addable and contains all the seminar-related subobjets.

  • Speakers Folder

    The Speakers folder is automatically created whenever a seminar has been created. This folder’s allowed content types are restricted to speakers only.

  • Speaker

    Every conference and seminar has people holding talks, making presentations and giving speeches. These people are modeled with the speaker content type. You can add references to speeches (i.e the speeches held by this speaker). These references are two-way, so the speeches now also have references to this speaker.

  • Speech Venues Folder

    The Speech Venues folder is also automatically created when a seminar is created. This folder’s allowed content types are restricted to speech venues only.

  • Speech Venue

    A speech venue refers to the room or conference hall in which speeches are held. This folder’s allowed content types are restricted to speeches only.

  • Speech

    A speech is a talk or presentation held at the conference and in one of the rooms/venues. You can add references to speakers (i.e the speakers who held the speech). These references are two-way, so the speakers now also have references to the speeches.

Other features: You can add a ‘layout’ property on the folder containing your seminars. Give the value of ‘@@seminarfolder-view’ and you will have now a special view for your seminars with simple and advanced search options.

Dummy Data:

If you want to get an impression of the structure, views and content types provided by slc.seminarportal, then you can create some dummy seminars, speakers and speeches with a provided external method.

In the Zope management interface, create a new external method by choosing it from the dropdown box.

Then give the following values:
  • id: create_seminar_test_data (or whatever you prefer)

  • Title: (whatever you prefer)

  • Module Name: slc.seminarportal.create_seminar_test_data

  • Function Name: run

After saving, click on the ‘test’ tab and wait for the external method to finish executing.

You should now have a ‘Seminars’ folder with dummy data in your Plone root.


Copyright European Agency for Health and Safety at Work and GmbH.

slc.seminarportal development was funded by the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work.


slc.seminarportal is licensed under the GNU Lesser Generic Public License, version 2 or later and EUPL version 1.1 only. The complete license texts can be found in docs/LICENSE.GPL and docs/LICENSE.EUPL.


1.4.9 (2015-04-14)

  • Let Seminar and Speech be orderable folders #11604 [pysailor]

1.4.8 (2015-01-21)

  • Enable quickupload for seminars #10902 [reinhardt]

1.4.7 (2013-11-04)

  • Bugfix: add missing scale “icon” for image on speaker, which was referenced in the speech view [pysailor]

  • Bugfix: in the speakersfolder view, we must reference images and create links using the absolute_url [pysailor]

1.4.6 (2013-05-14)

  • make speakers overlay narrower [jcerjak]

  • move javascript resources to jsregistry [jcerjak]

1.4.5 (2012-09-17)

WARNING: Plone4 fixes which attemps to keep Plone3 compatibility,

but without testing done on plone3, please test before trying to use this version in a plone3 environment, or stick to the previous versions since all of the changes in this version are only to fix the package for Plone4.

  • Updated Plone4 branch with the changes to 1.4.4 plus the following changes marked with [ichimdav]

  • Use subject field in session_view instead of Event Type since in plone 4 the archetype field for event Type is named subject [ichimdav]

  • Condition the use of document_actions since in Plone4 it is a viewlet [ichimdav]

  • Defined lots of plone helpers that are no longer available in main_template [ichimdav]

  • Used self.request instead of self.context.request to make it compatible with Plone4 and Plone3 [ichimdav]

  • Removed tab index since it is no longer present in Plone4 [ichimdav]

  • Fixed search portlets [ichimdav]

1.4.4 (2011-12-05)

  • No changes yet

1.4.3 (2011-12-05)

  • Adding jQuery/fancybox overlay for the speaker details [deroiste] #2552

1.4.2 (2011-11-09)

  • Bugfix for the speakers portlet: eliminate duplicates #3896 [thomasw]

  • Fixed the problem of testing views registered to a layer. We just let the request provide that layer’s interface. [jcbrand]

1.4.1 (2011-03-31)

  • Bugfix in the speakers portlet, re-added path as parameter for _render_cachekey, otherwise it’s impossible to show speakers from the current seminar only, when there’s more than one seminar; fixes #2889 [thomasw]

  • The SPSpeaker content type has a new label and description for its description field to indicate that it’s only for SEO purposes. [jcbrand]

1.4.0 (2011-02-21)

  • Speakers portlet: if the “only speakers from current seminar” option is selected and less speakers than the maximum number are found, display them in alphabetical order rather than randomly [thomasw]

1.4b3 (2011-01-13)

  • Removed a superfluous template [jcbrand]

  • Changed some more string domains to plone where applicable [jcbrand]

1.4b2 (2011-01-12)

  • Made the speaker portlet’s strings i18n aware and updated the .po files [jcbrand]

  • Fixed bug in the speaker portlet’s view code [jcbrand]

1.4b1 (2011-01-12)

  • Created a new portlet which shows upcoming seminars [jcbrand]

  • Consolidated the browserviews into [jcbrand]

  • Consolidated the different templates [jcbrand]

  • Backported changes from osha to templates/ and changed its registered name to @@seminars-view [jcbrand]

  • Added a custom viewlet manager to allow header customizations for @@seminars-view [jcbrand]

  • Customized @@seminars-view to also be able to show past seminars. [jcbrand]

  • Updated the .pot file and merged with all the .po files. [jcbrand]

  • Wrote new tests [jcbrand]

1.3.5 (2010-12-15)

  • Added translations for days of week and 2 headings, provided by EU-OSHA refs #1557, #2048 [thomasw]

1.3.4 (2010-11-26)

  • Bugfix in the speech_view for the print view [thomasw]

1.3.3 (2010-11-24)

  • Give an id to the div that displays “Add to calendar” on the speech so that we can hide it via CSS [thomasw]

1.3.2 (2010-11-04)

  • Added several missing i18n / translation statements [thomasw]

  • Added new msgids [thomasw]

  • Show dates in localised format [thomasw]

1.3.1 (2010-10-21)

  • Added translations in 21 European languages, provided by EU-OSHA [thomasw]

1.3.0 (2010-10-05)

  • Added lots of i18n stuff, added a locales dir and pot file [thomasw]

1.3.0b1 (2010-09-12)

WARNING: This release will probably break existing installations!

  • Implemented Language fallback for attachments #1506

  • Attachment fields from schema-extender are no longer considered.

  • speaker view is now also a BrowserView

  • Seminar view: replaced fieldset with div to sqash printing bug (jquery and fieldset apperently don’t get along)

  • exclude speakers and speech-venues folder from nav #1506 upon creation

  • removed LinguaPlone awareness from speaker and speakers-folder

  • Seminar: bugfix for the custom setLanguage() method. Passing the corect value instead of ‘self’ now.

  • Speech: added custom setLanguage() to prevent AlreadyTrnaslated error from LP 2.2

  • Featured Speakers portlet: added an option to display only Speakers from the current Seminar. WARNING: This will break all existing portlet instances, you’ll have to re-create them [thomasw]

1.2.15 (2010-08-25)

  • In “Featured speakers” portlet, I replaced field name “speakers” with “featured_speakers”. Reason: in a seminar, we also have a folder called “speakers”. The code in in selected() tries to get all values for the field by checking if self.context .context has an attr named like the field -> the SPSpeakers folder is found, and mayhem follows (= cannot add the portlet inside a seminar) [thomasw]

  • add path to _render_cachekey of speakers portlet; make it possible to have more than one in the site [thomasw]

  • Hide “Add new XXX” buttons for anonymous on speeches, speakers and speech- venues folders [thomasw]

  • corrected a typo in the GS for Speech FTI, wrong view name [thomasw]

1.2.14 (2010-07-22)

  • bugfix in views for speakers-, speeches- and speech-venues folders: don’t show border to anonymous users [thomasw]

1.2.13 (2010-06-09)

  • Fixed a bug in the speakers portlet, for the case when less speakers were found in the catalog than the maximun set number [thomasw]

  • Fixed a bug in the seminar view: Mustn’t show the border to anonymous users [thomasw]

1.2.12 (2010-03-19)

  • Fixed the bug which prevented you from creating ‘speakers’ porlets inside seminars. [jcbrand]

1.2.11 (2009-12-07)

  • Show files and images uploaded inside speeches as attachments [jcbrand]

  • Moved the speech_view skins template to a browser view [jcbrand]

  • Added license information [goibhniu]

1.2.9 (2009-12-01)

  • Added unit tests for the speeches portlet [jcbrand]

  • In chrome et al., don’t show an ugly icon on the speaker portlet if no image has been uploaded [jcbrand]

1.2.8 (2009-11-28)

  • Changed the speaker portlet to be able to show multiple speakers [jcbrand]

  • Add unit tests for the speakers portlet. [jcbrand]

  • Made showing the ‘Hour’ column on the seminar roster configurable [jcbrand]

1.2.7 (2009-11-26)

  • Bugfix, also show ATBlobs in the ‘Resources’ table. [jcbrand]

  • Show speakers in the speeches summary and fix a bug that prevented the description from showing. [jcbrand]

  • Restrict the addable types in speech and speaker. [jcbrand]

  • Show thumbnails for speakers more often. [jcbrand]

1.2.6 (2009-11-25)

  • Ditto :-/ [jcbrand]

1.2.5 (2009-11-25)

  • Previous release was a dud, due to svn 1.6.5 and setuptools 0.6c9 [jcbrand]

1.2.4 (2009-11-09)

  • Replaced getURL with get_path [jcbrand]

  • Add new view for @@speechvenuesfolder-view [jcbrand]

  • Don’t show empty fields on the views [jcbrand]

  • Show the relatedItems widget on seminars and speakers [jcbrand]

  • Updated the test-framework and added tests [jcbrand]

  • Removed the custom roles [jcbrand]

  • Let SPSpeechVenue subclass BaseFolder instead, to give us a description field. [jcbrand]

  • Fixed template for chromium [jcbrand]

1.2.3 (2009-11-09)

  • Event-handler fix: We must not publish the speakers and speech-venues folder on event creation, as the user might not have that permission. Rather, register a separate event handler that mirrors workflow changes [thomasw]

  • Autoinclude seminarportal [jcbrand]

  • Removed references to OSHA [jcbrand]

  • Code cleanup regarding imports [jcbrand]

1.2.2 (2009-11-03)

  • small fix in speech-add-helper-page [thomasw]

1.2.1 (2009-10-25)

  • fixed minor css bug preventing validation [pilz]

1.2 (2009-06-17)

  • Added testlayer [gerken]

1.1 (2009-05-12)

  • Packaged egg [pilz]

1.0 (2008-03-31)

  • Created [jcbrand]


  • David Ichim (

  • Jan-Carel Brand ( GmbH)

  • Wolfgang Thomas ( GmbH)

  • Alexander Pilz ( GmbH)

  • Patrick Gerken ( GmbH)

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