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Python package to compute NLU metrics

Project description

This tools is a python library for computing cross-validation and train/test metrics on an NLU parsing pipeline such as the Snips NLU one.

Its purpose is to help evaluating and iterating on the tested intent parsing pipeline.


$ pip install snips_nlu_metrics

NLU Metrics API

Snips NLU metrics API consists in the following functions:

The metrics output (json) provides detailed information about:


Some sample datasets, that can be used to compute metrics, are available here. Alternatively, you can create your own dataset either by using snips-nlu’s dataset generation tool or by going on the Snips console.


The Snips NLU metrics library can be used with any NLU pipeline which satisfies the Engine API:

class Engine:
    def fit(self, dataset):
        # Perform training ...
        return self

    def parse(self, text):
        # extract intent and slots ...
        return {
            "input": text,
            "intent": {
                "intentName": intent_name,
                "probability": probability
            "slots": slots

Snips NLU Engine

This library can be used to benchmark NLU solutions such as Snips NLU. To install the snips-nlu python library, and fetch the language resources for english, run the following commands:

$ pip install snips-nlu
$ snips-nlu download en

Then, you can compute metrics for the snips-nlu pipeline using the metrics API as follows:

from snips_nlu import SnipsNLUEngine
from snips_nlu_metrics import compute_train_test_metrics, compute_cross_val_metrics

tt_metrics = compute_train_test_metrics(train_dataset="samples/train_dataset.json",

cv_metrics = compute_cross_val_metrics(dataset="samples/cross_val_dataset.json",

Custom NLU Engine

You can also compute metrics on a custom NLU engine, here is a simple example:

import random

from snips_nlu_metrics import compute_train_test_metrics

class MyNLUEngine:
    def fit(self, dataset):
        self.intent_list = list(dataset["intents"])
        return self

    def parse(self, text):
        return {
            "input": text,
            "intent": {
                "intentName": random.choice(self.intent_list),
                "probability": 0.5
            "slots": []



Please see the Contribution Guidelines.

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