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Wrapper around the (undocumented) SNOO Smart Bassinet API

Project description


This is an API client to the SNOO Smart Bassinet. The SNOO is a bassinet that will rock your baby to sleep, and responds to the baby by trying to sooth it with different rocking motions and sounds when it detects crying.

Currently, it supports getting the current session data from SNOO, and historic data. It does not allow you to control the SNOO (the control API is provided by PubNub and is different from the read-only data API hosted by

A word of caution

The SNOO API is undocumented. Using it might or might not violate Happiest Baby, Inc Terms of Service. Use at your own risk.



pip install snoo

Command line usage

To get the status of your snoo, simply run

$ snoo status
Soothing 26m

The first time you run it, it will prompt for your username and password. These will be stored in either ~/.snoo_config or ~/.config/snoo/snoo.config, depending on your system. The output of the snoo command is the status (Awake, Asleep, or Soothing), and the duration of the current session.

Exporting data

To export data of each individual session, use

$ snoo sessions --start DATE --end DATE

where DATE follows the format 2019-12-03. By default, --start and --end correspond to yesterday and today, respectively.

The result is a CSV formatted list of sessions in the snoo, eg.


where duration, asleep, and soothing are durations given in seconds.

Alternatively, you can get aggregated information about each day using snoo days:


Again, all durations are given in seconds. How daySleep and nightSleep are defined is set in your Snoo app.

Programmatic usage

from snoo import Client

client = Client()
# Find out where your config is stored
# Get data from your current session
current_session = client.get_current_session()
# Print the status of the current session.

Project details

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