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Extract all apks from an Android device and check for malicious apps

Project description

Snoopdroid is a simple utility to automate the process of extracting installed apps from an Android phone using the [Android Debug Bridge]( Optionally, Snoopdroid is able to lookup the extracted packages on various online services in order to attempt to immediately recognize any known malicious apps.

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Installation on Debian GNU/Linux

In order to run Snoopdroid on Debian you will need to install the following dependencies:

` apt install python3 python3-pip python3-dev build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev swig android-sdk-platform-tools `

Make sure to generate your adb keys with:

` adb keygen ~/.android/adbkey `

You can then install Snoopdroid with pip3:

` pip3 install rsa pip3 install snoopdroid `

Installation on Mac

Running Snoopdroid on Mac requires Xcode and [homebrew]( to be installed.

In order to install adb and other dependencies use:

` brew install openssl swig libusb python3 brew install homebrew/cask/android-platform-tools `

Make sure to generate your adb keys:

` mkdir $HOME/.android adb keygen $HOME/.android/adbkey adb pubkey $HOME/.android/adbkey > $HOME/.android/ `

You can now install Snoopdroid with pip3:

` pip3 install rsa pip3 install snoopdroid `

How to use

In order to use Snoopdroid you need to connect your Android device to your computer. You will then need to [enable USB debugging]( on the Android device.

If this is the first time you connect to this device, you will need to approve the authentication keys through a prompt that will appear on your Android device.

You can now launch Snoopdroid simply with snoopdroid. At each run, Snoopdroid will generate a new acquisition folder containing all the extracted APKs in the current working directory. You can change the base folder using:

` snoopdroid --storage /path/to/folder `

Optionally, you can decide to enable lookups of the SHA256 hash of all the extracted APKs on [VirusTotal]( and/or [Koodous]( While these lookups do not provide any conclusive assessment on all of the extracted APKs, they might highlight any known malicious ones.

` snoopdroid --virustotal snoopdroid --koodous `

Or, to launch all available lookups:

` snoopdroid --all `

Project details

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