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A simple python wrapper to get soccer odds

Project description


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Soccerapi (Application Programming Interface) is a simple wrapper build on top of some bookmakers (888sport, bet365 and Unibet) in order to get data about soccer (aka football) odds using python commands.

⚽️ The goal

The goal of the project is to provide an enjoyable way to get odds data for different soccer leagues. If you want to get these types of data you usually have to build a program by yourself (and from scratch) being able to scrape the betting site or to use some kind of paid API. Soccer API try to address this problem.

💡 The philosophy

Keep it simple. Simple API, simple http requests, few dependencies. In the past we tried to build some heavy framework, able to scrape dinamic sites (using selenium, handling complex JavaScript): was an unmaintainable nightmare.

📘 The documentation

The following section contain all the useful information to use this API at its best. Read it carefully.


Use your favorite python package manager (like pip, pipenv, poetry). For example if you use pip type in your terminal:

pip install --upgrade soccerapi

It's important to keep soccerapi updated to the last version because bookmakers sometimes change their website so soccerapi could break. We the last version on the master branch we try to keep up.

Alternatively, if you want a kind of testing/developing setup, you can install soccerapi directly from source code by first cloning the repository from GitHub and then install dev dependencies (poetry is required)

git clone
cd soccerapi
poetry install

Finally activate the environment

poetry shell

In order to obtain data from Bet365 you need to run a docker which posts on a local server a needed header to make requests to the Bet365 api. The docker run separeately from the api since it is written in JavaScript and it runs a chromedirver to run JavaScript and acquire the header.

Checkout soccerapi-server to install the docker and run it.


Import the soccerapi bookmaker, define the api variable and request odds.

from soccerapi.api import Api888Sport
# from soccerapi.api import ApiUnibet
# from soccerapi.api import ApiBet365

api = Api888Sport()
url = ''
odds = api.odds(url)

    'time': '2020-01-12T19:45:00Z'
    'home_team': 'Roma',
    'away_team': 'Juventus',
    'both_teams_to_score': {'no': 2380, 'yes': 1560},
    'double_chance': {'12': 1320, '1X': 1710, '2X': 1360},
    'full_time_resut': {'1': 3200, '2': 2160, 'X': 3450},


    'time': '2020-01-13T19:45:00Z'
    'home_team': 'Parma',
    'away_team': 'Lecce',
    'both_teams_to_score': {'no': 2280, 'yes': 1600},
    'double_chance': {'12': 1270, '1X': 1270, '2X': 1960},
    'full_time_resut': {'1': 1850, '2': 3850, 'X': 3800},

The odds() method return a list of next events of the request competition (in the example: the url points to italy-serie_a)

To get a dict of valid urls that you can pass to odds() use the method competitions().

odds = api.competitions()


'Algeria': {
    'Ligue 1': '',
    'Ligue 1 U21': ''

'Argentina': {
    'Primera D Metropolitana': ''

'Australia': {
    'A-League': '',
    'W-League (W)': ''



This python dict is dynamically generated every time the competitions() method is run. This method crawls the bookmaker site looking for the available competitions and extract the url for every competitions offered by the bookmaker.

For some bookmakers (Bet365) many http requests are perform by competitions(), so there is the risk of receiving an IP ban. Use this method wisely (e.g. store the competitions in a json file and update them only when necessary).

The main reasons we introduced the competitions() method is due to the fact that some bookmakers (Bet365) change the url for a competitions over time in order to contrast bot scraping, so do not trust on a static list of urls for every bookmaker.

Country restriction

The regulation of online gambling varies from country to country. There are different versions of the bookmaker site depending on the provenience of your http request. Moreover, most bookmakers implement some kind of VPN detection which block VPN-http requests. Due to this constrains it's difficult to test soccerapi for worldwide usability. In the following are reported some results of the availability of bookmaker in different countries.

bet365 888sport / unibet
accessible :it: :brazil: :us: :canada: :australia: :brazil: :switzerland: :it: :de: :denmark: :es: :finland: :jp: :netherlands: :norway: :sweden: :ireland: :india: :singapore: :hong_kong: :new_zealand: :mexico: :romania:
inaccessible :fr: :uk:


If you like to contribute to the project read

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