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Utility module for SoftwareFabrica django projects

Project description

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Softwarefabrica Django Utils

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This document provides an overview of what Softwarefabrica Django Utils is.

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What is this?

This is a library that provides many useful routines and abstractions for
applications developed with the `Django`_ web framework.

Your help and feedback is precious. Suggestions and contributions are very much
appreciated. See below on how you can contribute.

If you want to actively collaborate and provide code, documentation, tests or
bug fixes, please feel free to create a new Bazaar branch in Launchpad, and tell
us about it! See the collaboration_ section for more information.

And don't forget to check also our other `Django`_ applications,
`softwarefabrica.django.forms`_, `softwarefabrica.django.crud`_, and

.. _`Django`:
.. _`softwarefabrica.django.utils`:
.. _`softwarefabrica.django.forms`:
.. _`softwarefabrica.django.crud`:
.. _``:
.. _`sflib`:

Feature overview

- an handy `UUID`_ Django database field (``UUIDField``)
- a simple search functionality to search inside the application database
- views helper functions (to automatically populate template context with usuful
information, a ``render_to_response`` using a ``RequestContext``, ...)

.. _`UUID`:
.. _`Markdown`:
.. _`Django`:
.. _`forms library`:

Pre-requisites and installation

See the `installation guide document`_.

.. _`installation guide document`: install.html

.. _collaboration:

How can I contribute?

As said, your help is precious. We'll warmly appreciate any help you'll want to
give. Just using this library is a reward for us, but if you want to become more
actively involved, you are welcome!

The project has a `development home page`_ at `LaunchPad`_:

There you can file `bugs`_, suggest `enhancements`_, follow development or ask
to become an active `team`_ member.

You can checkout the development branch using `Bazaar`_:


bzr branch lp:sf-django-utils

We'll appreciate very much if you'll want to contribute back any changes. Just
register your branch with `LaunchPad`_ and tell us!

Source code can also be browsed `online`_.

.. _`development home page`:
.. _`LaunchPad`:
.. _`Bazaar`:
.. _`online`:
.. _`Softwarefabrica`:
.. _`team`:
.. _`bugs`:
.. _`enhancements`:


It's possible to contact the author by e-mail at the following addresses:

m.pantaleoni at

panta at

marco.pantaleoni at


This software is covered by the GNU General Public License version 2.
If you want to use this software in a closed source application, you
need to buy a commercial license from the author.

This open source version is:

Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Marco Pantaleoni. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.


2010-05-14 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* modified UUIDField according to django ticket #12235
to allow for editing models with an UUIDField primary key
in InlineFormSets.

2010-03-08 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added rotation support to thumbnail template filter.

2010-02-28 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added support for 'with' statement to SyntheticUploadedFile.

* added file-closing destructor to SyntheticUploadedFile.

2010-02-23 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added json_response() to

2010-02-19 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added 'basename' template filter.

* added simple thumbnail template filter.

* added south introspection rules.

2009-11-18 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* now handles also django >= r11636 (1.2 alpha) (where LazyObject
doesn't support anymore the get_all_members() method, but has the
__dir__ special method).
This should fix crud bug #483856
(thanks Andre`)

2009-11-11 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* removed obsolete module

2009-11-08 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added sf_display_profile command.

* added - useful test runners.

* added, providing a means to intercept SQL query
execution (and optionally perform logging).

2009-10-21 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* integrated sflib.finddata.find_package_data() in

2009-10-19 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* removed legacy stuff dependencies from paginator template-tag template.

2009-10-12 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Added softwarefabrica.django.basicauth to support HTTP Basic Auth in
Django projects (from snippet 243:

2009-10-07 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* paginator template tag: now preserves the query string, if present.
So the paginator now works in list views with search forms.

2009-09-24 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* paginator template tag: modernized, now uses only the django
Paginator object.

2009-05-27 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added (support for programmatically added files
in FileField and ImageField fields).

2009-05-16 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added (support for django thread joining).

2009-05-12 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added expr template tag and filter library (with comparison filters and
the ``expr`` template tag).

2009-04-20 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* middleware.logger: added get_logger() function.

2009-04-20 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added useful middleware classes (under softwarefabrica.django.utils.middleware)
Right now the following are available: logger.LoggingMiddleware,
sqldebug.SqlDebugMiddleware, profile.ProfileMiddleware, stats.StatsMiddleware.

2009-04-15 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* fixed a bug in new render_to_response.

2009-04-14 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added compiled template caching support.

2009-02-20 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/templatetags/ added (django
snippet nr. 363, see

2009-02-19 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/ handled the u'' case
in validation.

2009-01-29 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/templatetags/ added.
Provides the ``forward_query_param`` template tag.

2009-01-21 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/templatetags/ added.

2009-01-15 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added. Provides the ``QuerySetManager`` described in

2009-01-10 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* paginator.html: now correctly handles pagination in
popup windows (``is_popup`` and ``_popup`` variables, from s.d.crud
generic views).

2008-12-22 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* IPv4MaskedAddressField can now be used with django admin too.

* added a test module.

* added. This module provides model and form
fields for IPv4 addresses with an optional network mask.

2008-12-19 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added doc bundle generation.

* docs/install.txt: improved installation instructions.

2008-12-18 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Makefile: updated to build for all supported python versions
(2.4, 2.5, 2.6)

* added extensive documentation.

2008-12-17 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Added specific ('uuid') dependency for Python 2.4

2008-12-16 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Removed obsolete material.

2008-12-01 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/templatetags/ template
is now 'utils/paginator.html'

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/templates/utils/paginator.html:

2008-11-25 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/templatetags/
(SitevarsNode.render): made Django `Site` framework optional.

* softwarefabrica/django/utils/ (context_vars):
made Django `Site` framework optional.

* set zip_safe to False (since we include templates and tests).

2008-11-24 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Removed unused empty tests. Updated and

* Changed references to 'newforms' into 'forms'.

* README.txt: Updated.

* Integrated setuptools and packages as

2008-11-02 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* templatetags/ added - {% sitevars %} template
tag that populates the context with project variables.

2008-10-29 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added - Object-Oriented generic views and respective
functional support adapters. Also present classes that add
'fieldorder' support to ModelForms and templated forms.

2008-10-25 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added - super-simple search support.

2008-10-19 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added - UUID field.

2008-10-27 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* templatetags/ modernized and added
'template_object_name' parameter (defaults to 'object').

2008-09-04 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* modernized, removed functional generic views.

2008-09-02 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* modernized (adapted to support also django-1.0)

2008-05-30 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added DateRangeWidget and DateRangeField.

2008-05-29 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added white space in id field (edit form), to separate it when no
value is present.

2008-05-27 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added (non-editable) 'id' support to table forms.

2008-05-26 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* changed date format to 'dd/mm/yyyy'

* removed '--' in empty FK also from detail view

2008-05-22 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* removed "--" from empty related widgets.

2008-05-21 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added missing classes 'value' and 'label'.

* fixed (commented) formfield_search_cb().

* improved. Added support for creation.

* foreign.html: added support for textual representation
of selected records.

* now uses the functions copied to erp.forms

2008-05-20 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added mark_safe() calls.

2008-05-15 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* fixed bug ('coldwidth' -> 'colwidth', for FormRow).

2008-05-14 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* (FormField_operator_get_HTML_entity.Perform):
removed TD in error list.

* (FormField_operator_get_HTML_entity.Perform): adds
'label' and 'value' to fields.

* switched from <nobr> to CSS.

(FormField_operator_get_view_HTML_entity.Perform): translated db
choice in text form in detail view.

* (FormField_operator_get_view_HTML_entity.Perform):
return icon in detail view for boolean fields.

* defaulted to italian date format.

* defaulted to italian date format.

* added 'date' css attribute to widget.

2008-05-13 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* adapted for split in DateTimeWidget and

* adapted for split in DateTimeWidget and DateWidget.

* split in DateTimeWidget and DateWidget.

* templates/utils/widget/foreign.html: removed 'folder' icon
(detail view).

* (formfield_cb) fixed required
field bug for "ForeignKey"s.

* Added translation to messages.

2008-05-06 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* (build_query_from_form): fixed bug: now handles
also missing fields in form_data and searches with related fields

2008-04-28 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* (RelatedItemWidget.value_from_datadict): fixed
validation bug.

* return link to detail view for foreign keys in detail
view "form".

2008-04-27 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* boolean fields are rendered with a 3-way select in
search forms.

* (FormField_operator_get_HTML_entity.Perform): fixed
ForeignKey label extraction.

2008-04-26 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added 'model' and 'meta' to delete_object() and edit_object() template

2008-04-26 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* renamed getElementName() into getElementTypeName(), and
getElementsByName() into getElementsByTypeName().
Added getElementName() returning the passed 'name' parameter value, if
Added getElementsByName() and getElementByName().
Added 'name' paremeter query in getElements().

* templates/utils/widget/foreign.html: added <span></span> and

2008-04-25 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added some DOM navigation functions.
Added fields (FormField, django field, db field) extraction functions.
Now django forms are created with only the fields present in tableforms
Form (passing 'fields').

2008-04-22 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* now emits toggleFormGroup().

2008-04-22 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* (Form.make_formclass): moved formclass creation out of
the constructor, so to allow late injection of a different form metaclass.

* added build_query_from_form() to Form class.
Now it's also possible to pass the (newforms) form metaclass to the Form
constructor. A SearchModelFormTable metaclass has been added to be used
when making search forms (it keeps all fields as optional).

* updated object_list() generic view to match
recent django.

2008-04-21 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* fixed opts.verbose_name proxy string issue
(forcing unicode).
Made more uniform template search.
Added object_detail() generic view.
Improved comments.

* added get_view_HTML_entity operation for detail views.

* removed unused select_btn and new_btn strings.

2008-04-19 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* templates/: added.

* integrated support for foreign key fields

* added.

* added static_media_images_prefix() and

2008-04-06 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* added multiple generation operation backends
(get_HTML_entity, get_pages_HTML_entity, get_page_ids).
Small improvements. Added support to form group javascript.

2008-04-05 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* templatetags/ templatetags/ added.

* implemented visitor pattern based generation of
HTML content.

* added object_list() (based on django generic

2008-04-02 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Added.

2008-02-17 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* (create_object, update_object): added the
possibility of passing initial values to forms in form_for_model()
and form_for_instance().

* settings.STATIC_MEDIA_PREFIX is not strictly
required anymore. The static_media_prefix() function tries to
determine the correct value, with a sensible fallback.

2007-11-22 Marco Pantaleoni <>

* Created (with bits from portal, a lot of bits...)

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