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Solar Performance and Design library

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Solpy is a python library to model solar system power performance similar to PVWatts or NREL’s System Advisor Model(SAM). I initially started writing this while working in Bangladesh as fairly crude calculator to go from a fisheye panorama to a csv of vectors for shading calculations, however there were several pieces that were added to make it a bit more useful for both analyis and design. Daniel Thomas did work adding the Tang evacuated glass tube model. Pyephem was added for solar positioning. There is also a simple module for reading TMY3 data. This tool is rudimentary, but functional.

This is primarily a research and analysis tool and there is no guarantee on the calculations.


  • Liu & Jordan diffuse irradiance model

  • Perez et al. diffuse irradiance model

  • Sandia Inverter model

  • NEC voltage drop caculations

  • Basic System Validation

  • Basic string sizing library

  • Simple Parametric System Design tools

  • realtime system performance forecasting using weather data


  • - parametric design library

  • - Enphase API wrapper

  • - EPW weather data functions

  • - calculate information needed for the expedited permit process

  • - fisheye image to shading vectors

  • - API wrapper

  • - NOAA weather data API wrapper

  • - system performance prediction

  • pvcli - cli for pv modeling using historic weather data

  • - read tmy3 data

  • - voltage drop


PV systems are descibed with json. For example:

{"system_name":"System Name",
        {"inverter":"SMA America: SB6000US 240V",
        "panel":"Mage Solar : USA Powertec Plus 250-6 MNCS",

If json in a file called i.e. template.json, can be modeled from cli.

pvcli -f template.json


This is the sort of project that lends itself nicely to ipython. Since discovering that project I’ve tried to make things flow naturally in that enviroment. I really like the inline graphics of the qtconsole.

$ipython qtconsole –colors=Linux –pylab=inline

Basic System Validation

There is support for simple design validation from the command line warning for overvoltage or excessive ratios.

ncharles@vm0 $ cat unit.json
{"system_name":"HAPPY CUSTOMER",
        "address":"15013 Denver W Pkwy, Golden, CO",
            {"inverter":"SMA America: SB3000TL-US 240V *",
            "panel":"Mage Solar : Powertec Plus 300-6 PL *",
            {"inverter":"Enphase Energy: M215-60-2LL-S2x-IG-NA (240 V) 240V",
            "panel":"Mage Solar : Powertec Plus 250-6 PL",

ncharles@vm0 $ -f unit.json
HAPPY CUSTOMER - 15013 Denver W Pkwy, Golden, CO 80401
System AC Output Current: 30.4 A
Nominal AC Voltage: 240 V

Minimum Temperature: -22.9 C
2 Percent Max Temperature: 30.2 C
Weather Source: DENVER/CENTENNIAL [GOLDEN - NREL] 724666

PV Module Ratings @ STC
Module Make: Mage Solar
Module Model: Powertec Plus 300-6 PL *
Quantity: 12
Max Power-Point Current (Imp): 8.01 A
Max Power-Point Voltage (Vmp): 37.51 V
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 45.19 V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 8.66 A
Maximum Power (Pmax): 300.5 W

Inverter Make: SMA America
Inverter Model:  SB3000TL-US 240V *
Quantity: 1
Max Power: 3.0 KW
Max AC Current: 12.5 A
DC Operating Current: 16.0 A
DC Short Circuit Current: 17.3 A
DC Operating Voltage: 225.1 V
System Max DC Voltage: 311.4 V
Pnom Ratio: 1.2

PV Module Ratings @ STC
Module Make: Mage Solar
Module Model: Powertec Plus 250-6 PL
Quantity: 20
Max Power-Point Current (Imp): 8.01 A
Max Power-Point Voltage (Vmp): 31.28 V
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 37.66 V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 8.66 A
Maximum Power (Pmax): 250.6 W

Inverter Make: Enphase Energy
Inverter Model:  M215-60-2LL-S2x-IG-NA (240 V) 240V
Quantity: 20
Max Power: 0.2 KW
Max AC Current: 0.9 A

Array Azimuth: 180 Degrees
Array Tilt: 25 Degrees
December 21 9:00 AM Sun Azimuth: 138.2 Degrees
December 21 9:00 AM Sun Altitude: 14.3 Degrees
December 21 3:00 PM Sun Azimuth: 222.2 Degrees
December 21 3:00 PM Sun Altitude: 14.3 Degrees
Magnetic declination: 9.0 Degrees
Minimum Row space ratio: 2.95

Minimum Bundle
8 CU : EGC 10 CU : 1/2" EMT

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