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A python library to conjugate spanish words with parameters tense, mood and pronoun

Project description

Spanish Conjugator 🇪🇸

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A class Conjugator containing a function conjugate which conjugates spanish verbs by tense, mood and pronoun.


pip install spanishconjugator

Example usage

Example python usage; the conjugate function of the Conjugator Class takes 4 parameters being root-verb, tense, mood, pronoun respectively

from spanishconjugator import Conjugator
imperfect_conjugation = Conjugator().conjugate('hablar','imperfect','indicative','yo')
>>> hablaba

Tenses, Moods and Pronouns implemented

All pronouns are implemented yo, tu, usted, nosotros, vosotros, ustedes

All moods currently implemented are indicative, conditional

All tenses currently implemented are present, imperfect, preterite, future, present_perfect, past_anterior, future_perfect, conditional_simple

Exaple usage of different moods/tenses with hablar and yo

Indicative Present

>>> hablo

In case of indicative present, 4th param pronoun is optional.

from spanishconjugator import Conjugator
present_indicative_conjugation = Conjugator().conjugate('hablar','present','indicative')
>>> {'el/ella/usted': 'habla', 'ellos/ellas/ustedes': 'hablan', 'tu': 'hablas', 'vosotros': 'habláis', 'yo': 'hablo', 'nosotros': 'hablamos'}

Indicative Imperfect

>>> hablaba

Indicative Preterite

>>> hablé

Indicative Future

>>> hablaré

Indicative Present_Perfect

>>> he hablado

Indicative Past_Anterior

>>> hube hablado

Indicative Future_Perfect

>>> habré hablado

Conditional Simple

>>> hablaría

Conditional Perfect

>>> habría hablado

Imperative Afferative

>>> habla

Imperative Negative

>>> hables

Subjunctive Present

>>> hable

Subjunctive Imperfect

>>> hablara

Subjunctive Imperfect_se

>>> hablase

Subjunctive Future

>>> hablare


if you would like to help develop spanishconjugator, follow succeeding code

Whilst in command line create a folder in which you would like to work (name only reccommended)

$ mkdir spanish_conjugator_enviroment

change directory into the enviroment you have just made

$ cd spanish_conjugator_enviroment

install virtualenv

$ pip install virtualenv

create a virtual enviroment from path of python3

$ virtualenv -p $(which python3) my_venv

activate virtual enviroment

$ source my_venv/bin/activate

tip: once you want to disactivate your virtual enviroment simply run $ deactivate

Clone Spanish-Conjugator

$ git clone

Install developer dependencies for unit test e.g pytest and for other library tools

pip install -e .[dev]

Developing - Testing

We have chosen to use the library pytest for our unit test At this point in the developing guide you can check the code works by running it against out current unit tests located in the /tests folder

$ pytest

output should show the different tenses implemented should pass their unit tests as below.(27/08/2020) alt text

Developing - Submission

To submit code to this repositry please fork and submit a pull request 🚀

Alternative Versions

Check out the Javascript npm version of the library if you are working in a node or browser enviroment

Project details

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