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Jupyter Notebook & Lab extension to monitor Apache Spark jobs from a notebook

Project description


An extension for Jupyter Lab & Jupyter Notebook to monitor Apache Spark (pyspark) from notebooks


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SparkMonitor is an extension for Jupyter Notebook & Lab that enables the live monitoring of Apache Spark Jobs spawned from a notebook. The extension provides several features to monitor and debug a Spark job from within the notebook interface.



  • Jupyter Lab 4 OR Jupyter Notebook 4.4.0 or higher
  • pyspark 2 or 3


  • Automatically displays a live monitoring tool below cells that run Spark jobs in a Jupyter notebook
  • A table of jobs and stages with progressbars
  • A timeline which shows jobs, stages, and tasks
  • A graph showing number of active tasks & executor cores vs time

Quick Start

Setting up the extension

pip install sparkmonitor # install the extension

# set up an ipython profile and add our kernel extension to it
ipython profile create # if it does not exist
echo "c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions.append('sparkmonitor.kernelextension')" >>  $(ipython profile locate default)/

# For use with jupyter notebook install and enable the nbextension
jupyter nbextension install sparkmonitor --py
jupyter nbextension enable  sparkmonitor --py

# The jupyterlab extension is automatically enabled

With the extension installed, a SparkConf object called conf will be usable from your notebooks. You can use it as follows:

from pyspark import SparkContext
# Start the spark context using the SparkConf object named `conf` the extension created in your kernel.

If you already have your own spark configuration, you will need to set spark.extraListeners to sparkmonitor.listener.JupyterSparkMonitorListener and spark.driver.extraClassPath to the path to the sparkmonitor python package path/to/package/sparkmonitor/listener_<scala_version>.jar

from pyspark.sql import SparkSession
spark = SparkSession.builder\
        .config('spark.extraListeners', 'sparkmonitor.listener.JupyterSparkMonitorListener')\
        .config('spark.driver.extraClassPath', 'venv/lib/python3.<X>/site-packages/sparkmonitor/listener_<scala_version>.jar')\


If you'd like to develop the extension:

# See package.json scripts for building the frontend
yarn run build:<action>

# Install the package in editable mode
pip install -e .

# Symlink jupyterlab extension
jupyter labextension develop --overwrite .

# Watch for frontend changes
yarn run watch

# Build the spark JAR files
sbt +package



This repository is published to pypi as sparkmonitor

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