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A minimal static theme for Sphinx

Project description

Sphinx LV2 Theme

This is a minimal pure-CSS theme for Sphinx that uses the documentation style of the LV2 plugin specification and related projects.

This theme is geared toward producing beautiful API documentation for C, C++, and Python that is documented using the standard Sphinx domains. The output does not use Javascript at all, and some common features are not implemented, so this theme should not be considered a drop-in replacement for typical Sphinx themes.

The design uses a sidebar on wide screens, but condenses to a linear document if there is not enough space. It is readable on very small mobile displays, and produces reasonably nice output when printed. The color palette is mostly Solarized, but using neutral base colors and a few additional grays.


This theme tries to adhere to a simple and accessible philosophy of web design inspired by typeset documents, and avoids bloat by not inheriting from a builtin Sphinx theme.

  • No Javascript.
  • No external dependencies.
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS output.
  • Small download size.
  • Uses only standard system fonts.
  • All sizes in text-based units.
  • Elegant sizing and spacing based on the golden ratio.
  • Sensible document hierarchy with minimal abuse of structure for style.
  • Readable on large and small screens, mobile devices, and when printed.

The use of a sidebar is a slight departure from the typeset document ideal, but is included as an option since it is particularly useful for single-page reference documentation, and an almost universally expected Sphinx feature.


This theme can be installed with pip:

pip install sphinx_lv2_theme

Installation from the source directory is also possible:

cd path_to_sphinx_lv2_theme_source
pip install .


body_max_width : CSS size, default 60em. The maximum width of the main body text. This plus sidebar_width should be less than page_width.

body_min_width : CSS size, default 50em. The minimum width of the main body text. If the screen is too small to fit this and the sidebar, then the layout switches to a linear layout with the table of contents at the top. If the screen is to small to fit just this, the layout is further compressed to suit very small displays as on mobile.

description : String, default unset. The project description displayed below the logo.

globaltoc_collapse : Boolean, default true. If true then all paths in the sidebar index that do not lead to the current page are collapsed.

globaltoc_includehidden : Boolean, default false. Include hidden entries in the sidebar index.

globaltoc_maxdepth : Integer, default unset. Maximum depth of the sidebar index tree.

display_version : Boolean, default true. If true then the version is displayed beside the logo name.

logo : Path, default unset. Logo to display at the top of the sidebar.

logo_name : Boolean, default true. If true then the project name is displayed below the logo.

logo_width : CSS size, default 12em. The width of the sidebar logo.

nosidebar : Boolean, default false. If true then the sidebar is never displayed even on wide screens.

page_width : CSS size, default 80em. The width of the content portion of the page, including both body and sidebar.

show_footer_version : Boolean, default true. If true then the project name and version is included in the footer.

show_logo_version : Boolean, default false. If true then the version is added to the logo text.

show_nav_version : Boolean, default true. If true then the version added to the root link on the navigation bar.

sidebar_width : CSS size, default 20em. The width of the sidebar. This plus body_max_width should be less than page_width.


Add something lke the following to your

html_theme = "sphinx_lv2_theme"

html_theme_options = {
    "body_max_width": "62em",
    "body_min_width": "52em",
    "description": "Probably the greatest project ever.",
    "display_version": True,
    "globaltoc_collapse": False,
    "globaltoc_includehidden": False,
    "globaltoc_maxdepth": 3,
    "logo": "myawesomeproject.svg",
    "logo_name": True,
    "logo_width": "8em",
    "nosidebar": False,
    "page_width": "80em",
    "show_footer_version": True,
    "show_logo_version": False,
    "show_nav_version": True,
    "sidebar_width": "18em",

-- David Robillard

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