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Sphinx Extension to enable OGP support

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Sphinx extension to generate Open Graph metadata for each page of your documentation.


python -m pip install sphinxext-opengraph


Just add sphinxext.opengraph to your extensions list in your

extensions = [


These values are placed in the of your Sphinx project.

Users hosting documentation on Read The Docs do not need to set any of the following unless custom configuration is wanted. The extension will automatically retrieve your site URL.

  • ogp_site_url
    • This config option is very important, set it to the URL the site is being hosted on.
  • ogp_description_length
    • Configure the amount of characters taken from a page. The default of 200 is probably good for most people. If something other than a number is used, it defaults back to 200.
  • ogp_site_name
    • This is not required. Name of the site. This is displayed above the title. Defaults to the Sphinx project config value. Set to False to unset and use no default.
  • ogp_social_cards
    • Configuration for automatically creating social media card PNGs for each page. For more information, see the social media cards docs.
  • ogp_image
    • This is not required. Link to image to show. Note that all relative paths are converted to be relative to the root of the html output as defined by ogp_site_url.
  • ogp_image_alt
    • This is not required. Alt text for image. Defaults to using ogp_site_name or the document's title as alt text, if available. Set to False if you want to turn off alt text completely.
  • ogp_use_first_image
    • This is not required. Set to True to use each page's first image, if available. If set to True but no image is found, Sphinx will use ogp_image instead.
  • ogp_type
    • This sets the ogp type attribute, for more information on the types available please take a look at By default it is set to website, which should be fine for most use cases.
  • ogp_custom_meta_tags
    • This is not required. List of custom html snippets to insert.
  • ogp_enable_meta_description
    • This is not required. When True, generates <meta name="description" content="..."> from the page.

Example Config

Simple Config

ogp_site_url = ""
ogp_image = ""

Advanced Config

ogp_site_url = ""
ogp_image = ""
ogp_description_length = 300
ogp_type = "article"

ogp_custom_meta_tags = [
    '<meta property="og:ignore_canonical" content="true" />',

ogp_enable_meta_description = True

Per Page Overrides

Field lists are used to allow you to override certain settings on each page and set unsupported arbitrary Open Graph tags.

Make sure you place the fields at the very start of the document such that Sphinx will pick them up and also won't build them into the html.


These are some overrides that can be used on individual pages, you can actually override any tag and field lists will always take priority.

  • :ogp_description_length:
    • Configure the amount of characters to grab for the description of the page. If the value isn't a number it will fall back to ogp_description_length.[^1]
  • :ogp_disable:
    • Disables generation of Open Graph tags on the page.[^1]
  • :og:description:
    • Lets you override the description of the page.
  • :description: or .. meta::\n :description:
    • Sets the <meta name="description" content="..."> description.
  • :og:title:
    • Lets you override the title of the page.
  • :og:type:
  • :og:image:
    • Set the image for the page.[^2]
  • :og:image:alt:
    • Sets the alt text. Will be ignored if there is no image set.


Remember that the fields must be placed at the very start of the file. You can verify Sphinx has picked up the fields if they aren't shown in the final html file.

:og:description: New description
:og:image:alt: Example Image

Page contents

Arbitrary Tags[^2]

Additionally, you can use field lists to add any arbitrary Open Graph tag not supported by the extension. The syntax for arbitrary tags is the same with :og:tag: content. For example:


Page contents

[^1]: Note the slightly different syntax because this isn't directly an Open Graph tag. [^2]: Note: Relative file paths for images, videos and audio are currently not supported when using field lists. Please use an absolute path instead.

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