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A sphinx theme for generate S6 presentation. #sphinxjp

Project description

S6 style presentation theme for Sphinx.

Output Sample




  • provide s6 directive for s6 presentation slide control.

  • provide s6 theme to render presentation.


Make environment with pip:

$ pip install sphinxjp.themes.s6

Convert Usage

setup with:

extensions = ['sphinxjp.themes.s6']
html_theme = 's6'

and run:

$ make html

Writing s6 directives

Slide paging effect:

.. s6:: effect slide

ul elements move from (0,0) to (100,0) position in 5.0 secs:

.. s6:: actions

    ['ul', 'move', '5.0', [0,0],[100,0]]

Set HTML styles on target slide:

.. s6:: styles

    h2: {fontSize:'150%', textAlign:'center', margin:'30% auto'}

This example is a bit more complex:

.. s6:: styles

    'ul/li': {display:'none'}

.. s6:: actions

    ['ul/li[0]', 'fade in', '0.3'],
    ['ul/li[1]', 'fade in', '0.3'],
    ['ul/li[2]', 'fade in', '0.3'],


  • Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3

  • Sphinx 1.2 or later is recommended.

  • Sphinx < 1.2 requires sphinxjp.themecore package.

Presentation Environments

  • Internet Explorer 8.0

  • Firefox 3.6.x

  • Chrome / Safari


Licensed under the MIT license . See the LICENSE file for specific terms.


Sphinx template, css, packaging

  • Takayuki SHIMIZUKAWA <shimizukawa AT>


    1. 2007 Cybozu Labs, Inc.



  • Documentation: English ver.

  • Documentation: Desgin customization, slide examples

  • Key customization easier

  • Design customization easier

  • Footer text customization

  • Easy writing animation setting by s6 directive.

  • Provide default settings: i.e. slide animation type.

Improve usability

  • hide iPhone’s address bar.

  • move page if location.href changed.

  • hide Top click area for show index page that cover page thumbnails.


  • local javascript file can’t work at default Chrome setting.


no bugs, maybe.


0.3.0 (2013/12/10)

  • support Python-3.1, 3.2, 3.3.

  • support Sphinx-1.2 theme plugin feature. sphinxjp.themecore is no longer needed (if you use Sphinx-1.1.3, you need sphinxjp.themecore).

  • fix: footer box size now follow slide size.

  • reduce navigation layer area. It is obstacle sometime.

  • add js include feature by using app.add_javascript().

  • remove s6 node for make text, latex, .. not html should work.

  • refactoring: Move JS code from .html to .js file.

  • change: All styles in s6.css provide .sphinx class.

0.2.0 (2012/7/4)

  • fix: missing OL/LI number.

  • add: link-target click guard.

  • add: iPhone/iPad swipe feature.

  • add: navigation layer for smartphone and mouse.

  • add: resize view-port when browser window size are changed.

  • add: page jump by url hash (#id)

  • remove: save and load last displaying page by cookie (please use url hash).

0.1.3 (2011/7/6)

  • fix: namespace package declaration missing, thank you togakushi!

0.1.2 (2011/2/18)

  • include example (docs directory) again.

0.1.1 (2011/2/12)

  • add sample output

0.1.0 (2011/2/6)

  • first release

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