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This Python Library provide full support for Split REST Admin API, allow creating, deleting and editing Environments, Splits, Split Definitions, Segments, Segment Keys, Users, Groups, API Keys, Change Requests, Attributes and Identities

Project description

Split Python API

This API wrapper is designed to work with Split, the platform for controlled rollouts, serving features to your users via the Split feature flag to manage your complete customer experience.

For specific instructions on how to use Split Admin REST API refer to our official API documentation.

Full documentation on this Python wrapper is available in this link.

Quick setup

Install the splitapiclient:

pip install splitapiclient

Import the client object and initialize connection using an Admin API Key:

from splitapiclient.main import get_client
client = get_client({'apikey': 'ADMIN API KEY'})

Enable optional logging:

import logging


Fetch all workspaces:

for ws in client.workspaces.list():
    print ("\nWorkspace:"", Id: "

Find a specific workspaces:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
print ("\nWorkspace:"", Id: "


Fetch all Environments:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
for env in client.environments.list(
    print ("\nEnvironment: "", Id: "

Add new environment:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
env = ws.add_environment({'name':'new_environment', 'production':False})

Splits Fetch all Splits:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
for split in client.splits.list(
    print ("\nSplit: "", "+split._workspace_id)

Add new Split:

split = ws.add_split({'name':'split_name', 'description':'new UI feature'}, "user")

Add tags:

split.associate_tags(['my_new_tag', 'another_new_tag'])

Add Split to environment:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
split = client.splits.find("new_feature", 
env = client.environments.find("Production",
tr1 = treatment.Treatment({"name":"on","configurations":""})
tr2 = treatment.Treatment({"name":"off","configurations":""})
bk1 = bucket.Bucket({"treatment":"on","size":50})
bk2 = bucket.Bucket({"treatment":"off","size":50})
match = matcher.Matcher({"attribute":"group","type":"IN_LIST_STRING","strings":["employees"]})
cond = condition.Condition({'matchers':[match.export_dict()]})
rl = rule.Rule({'condition':cond.export_dict(), 'buckets':[bk1.export_dict(), bk2.export_dict()]})
defrl = default_rule.DefaultRule({"treatment":"off","size":100}) 
data={"treatments":[tr1.export_dict() ,tr2.export_dict()],"defaultTreatment":"off", "baselineTreatment": "off","rules":[rl.export_dict()],"defaultRule":[defrl.export_dict()], "comment": "adding split to production"}
splitdef = split.add_to_environment(, data)

Kill Split:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
env = client.environments.find("Production",
splitDef = client.split_definitions.find("new_feature",,

Restore Split:


Fetch all Splits in an Environment:

ws = client.workspaces.find("Defaults")
env = client.environments.find("Production",
for spDef in client.split_definitions.list(,

Submit a Change request to update a Split definition:

splitDef = client.split_definitions.find("new_feature",,
definition= {"treatments":[ {"name":"on"},{"name":"off"}],
    "defaultTreatment":"off", "baselineTreatment": "off",
    "rules": [],
    "defaultRule":[{"treatment":"off","size":100}],"comment": "updating default rule"
splitDef.submit_change_request(definition, 'UPDATE', 'updating default rule', 'comment', [''], '')

List all change requests:

for cr in client.change_requests.list():
    if cr._split is not None:
        print (cr._id+", "+cr._split['name']+", "+cr._title+", "+str(cr._split['environment']['id'])) 
    if cr._segment is not None:
        print (cr._id+", "+cr._segment['name']+", "+cr._title)

Approve specific change request:

for cr in client.change_requests.list():
    if cr._split['name']=='new_feature':
        cr.update_status("APPROVED", "done")

Users and Groups

Fetch all Active users:

for user in client.users.list('ACTIVE'):
    print(", "+user._id) 

Invite new user:

group = client.groups.find('Administrators')
userData = {'email':'', 'groups':[{'id':'', 'type':'group'}]}
userData['groups'][0]['id'] = group._id

Delete a pending invite:

for user in client.users.list('PENDING'):
    print(", "+user._id+", "+user._status)
    if == '': 

Update user info:

data = {'name':'new_name', 'email':'', '2fa':False, 'status':'ACTIVE'}
user = client.users.find('')
user.update_user(user._id, data)

Fetch all Groups:

for group in client.groups.list():
    print (group._id+", "+group._name)

Create Group:

client.groups.create_group({'name':'new_group', 'description':''})

Delete Group:

group = client.groups.find('new_group')

Replace existing user group:

user = client.users.find('')
group = client.groups.find('Administrators')
data = [{'op': 'replace', 'path': '/groups/0', 'value': {'id': '<groupId>', 'type':'group'}}]
data[0]['value']['id'] = group._id

Add user to new group

user = client.users.find('')
group = client.groups.find('Administrators')
data = [{'op': 'add', 'path': '/groups/-', 'value': {'id': '<groupId>', 'type':'group'}}]
data[0]['value']['id'] = group._id

Commitment to Quality:

Split’s APIs are in active development and are constantly tested for quality. Unit tests are developed for each wrapper based on the unique needs of that language, and integration tests, load and performance tests, and behavior consistency tests are running 24/7 via automated bots. In addition, monitoring instrumentation ensures that these wrappers behave under the expected parameters of memory, CPU, and I/O.

About Split:

Split is the leading platform for intelligent software delivery, helping businesses of all sizes deliver exceptional user experiences, and mitigate risk, by providing an easy, secure way to target features to customers. Companies like WePay, LendingTree and thredUP rely on Split to safely launch and test new features and derive insights on their use. Founded in 2015, Split's team comes from some of the most innovative enterprises in Silicon Valley, including Google, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Splunk. Split is based in Redwood City, California and backed by Accel Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners. To learn more about Split, contact, or start a 14-day free trial at

Try Split for Free:

Split is available as a 14-day free trial. To create an account, visit

Learn more about Split:

Visit for an overview of Split, or visit our documentation at for more detailed information.

System Status:

We use a status page to monitor the availability of Split’s various services. You can check the current status at

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