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SAP ASE (Sybase) for SQLAlchemy

Project description


SAP ASE (Sybase) dialect for SQLAlchemy.

The latest version of this dialect requires SQLAlchemy 2.0 or later. To work with earlier versions of SQLAlchemy, do:

pip install sqlalchemy-sybase<2.0.0


This is a fork of SQLAlchemy’s internal “sybase” dialect which was deprecated in SQLAlchemy 1.4 and was removed from SQLAlchemy 2.0.

Database Version Support

This dialect is tested against SAP ASE version 16. Some features may not work on earlier versions of SAP ASE.


You will need an ODBC driver for SAP ASE installed on the machine from which you want to connect to the SAP ASE server. This dialect is tested with the SAP ASE ODBC driver ( on Linux).

Also, if you are running on Linux and using unixODBC, check the version via odbcinst -j from a console prompt (or use the odbcinst module). The official repositories of several Linux distributions contain versions of unixODBC that are quite old and somewhat buggy.


SQLAlchemy and pyodbc are specified as requirements so pip will install them if they are not already in place. To install, just:

pip install sqlalchemy-sybase

Getting Started

Create an ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) that points to your SAP ASE database. Then, in your Python app, you can connect to the database via:

from sqlalchemy import create_engine
engine = create_engine("sybase+pyodbc://scott:tiger@your_dsn")

For other ways of connecting see the Getting Connected page in the Wiki.

The SQLAlchemy Project

sqlalchemy-sybase is affiliated with the SQLAlchemy Project and adheres to the same standards and conventions as the core project.

Development / Bug reporting / Pull requests

Please refer to the SQLAlchemy Community Guide for guidelines on coding and participating in this project.

Code of Conduct

Above all, SQLAlchemy places great emphasis on polite, thoughtful, and constructive communication between users and developers. Please see the current Code of Conduct at Code of Conduct.


sqlalchemy-sybase is distributed under the MIT license.

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