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Python library for interacting with OpenSSH Certificates

Project description

ssh_certificate_parser is a small library for interacting with OpenSSH host/user certificates. Specifically, it supports RSA, DSA, and Ed25519 keys signed by an RSA certificate authority. It does not currently validate the CA signature, but merely parses out some fields.

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This work is licensed under the ISC license, a copy of which can be found at LICENSE.txt


This module contains a single class, SSHCertificate. You can construct it with the .from_bytes or .from_file classmethods.

from ssh_certificate_parser import SSHCertificate

cert = SSHCertificate.from_file('/etc/ssh/')

remaining_seconds_of_validity = cert.remaining_validity

Full documentation is at


# Install dependencies
make install

# Lint project
make lint

# Test project
make test
make coverage

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