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Statnett API Client

Project description

Statnett API Client

Client presents methods for reading real-time Nordic power balance data provided by the Norwegian Transmission System Operator (

The full list of topics accessible via Statnett REST API can be seen here.

Client supports reading of the following topics:


To install the Client, simply use pip:

$ pip install statnett_api_client

Basic Usage

from statnett_api_client import get_flow, get_balance, get_frequency

# read power flow  
flow = get_flow(fmt='pandas')

# read balance data
balance = get_balance(fmt='pandas')

# read grid frequency
freq = get_frequency(fmt='pandas')

Getting topics in a loop

You can use get_topic method for iterating over different topics.

from statnett_api_client import get_topic

for topic in ['flow', 'balance', 'frequency']:
    data = get_topic(topic, fmt='pandas')


You can specify format of returned object using fmt parameter.

# this will return flow in json format 
flow = get_flow(fmt='json')
# this will return pandas dataframe
flow = get_flow(fmt='pandas')

Specify date2index if you want to add dates to dataframe index.

balance = get_balance(fmt='pandas', date2index=True)

By default, the time is in UTC. To add a column with Central European Time (CET), you need to specify time_cet parameter.

freq = get_frequency(fmt='pandas', date2index=True, time_cet=True)

Sometimes it can be useful to add hour column to result dataframe. It can be achieved by specifying add_hour parameter. If time_cet is True, then two columns are added, hour_utc and hour_cet.

flow = get_flow(fmt='pandas', time_cet=True, add_hour=True)

To get frequency data for time period, you need to scecify date_from parameter. Supports only for frequency topic.

freq = get_frequency(fmt='pandas', date_from='2019-06-07 21:30')


The Client is released under MIT License.

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