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Client for Build scalable newsfeeds & activity streams in a few hours instead of weeks.

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stream-python is the official Python client for Stream, a web service for building scalable newsfeeds and activity streams.

Note there is also a higher level Django - Stream integration library which hooks into the Django ORM.

You can sign up for a Stream account at


Install from Pypi

pip install stream-python

Full documentation

Documentation for this Python client are available at the Stream website.


import datetime

# Create a new client
import stream
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY', 'API_KEY_SECRET')

# Create a new client specifying data center location
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY', 'API_KEY_SECRET', location='us-east')
# Find your API keys here

# Create a feed object
user_feed_1 = client.feed('user', '1')

# Get activities from 5 to 10 (slow pagination)
result = user_feed_1.get(limit=5, offset=5)
# (Recommended & faster) Filter on an id less than the given UUID
result = user_feed_1.get(limit=5, id_lt="e561de8f-00f1-11e4-b400-0cc47a024be0")

# Create a new activity
activity_data = {'actor': 1, 'verb': 'tweet', 'object': 1, 'foreign_id': 'tweet:1'}
activity_response = user_feed_1.add_activity(activity_data)
# Create a bit more complex activity
activity_data = {'actor': 1, 'verb': 'run', 'object': 1, 'foreign_id': 'run:1',
	'course': {'name': 'Golden Gate park', 'distance': 10},
	'participants': ['Thierry', 'Tommaso'],

# Remove an activity by its id
# or by foreign id

# Follow another feed
user_feed_1.follow('flat', '42')

# Stop following another feed
user_feed_1.unfollow('flat', '42')

# List followers/following
following = user_feed_1.following(offset=0, limit=2)
followers = user_feed_1.followers(offset=0, limit=10)

# Creates many follow relationships in one request
follows = [
    {'source': 'flat:1', 'target': 'user:1'},
    {'source': 'flat:1', 'target': 'user:2'},
    {'source': 'flat:1', 'target': 'user:3'}

# Batch adding activities
activities = [
	{'actor': 1, 'verb': 'tweet', 'object': 1},
	{'actor': 2, 'verb': 'watch', 'object': 3}

# Add an activity and push it to other feeds too using the `to` field
activity = {
    "to":["user:44", "user:45"]

# Retrieve an activity by its ID

# Retrieve an activity by the combination of foreign_id and time
    (foreign_id, activity_time),

# Enrich while getting activities
client.get_activities(ids=[activity_id], enrich=True, reactions={"counts": True})

# Update some parts of an activity with activity_partial_update
set = {
    '': 'boots',
    'colors': {
        'red': '0xFF0000',
        'green': '0x00FF00'
unset = [ 'popularity', '' ]
# ID
client.activity_partial_update(id=activity_id, set=set, unset=unset)
# ...or by combination of foreign_id and time
client.activity_partial_update(foreign_id=foreign_id, time=activity_time, set=set, unset=unset)

# Generating user token for client side usage (JS client)
user_token = client.create_user_token("user-42")

# Javascript client side feed initialization
# client = stream.connect(apiKey, userToken, appId);

# Generate a redirect url for the Stream Analytics platform to track
# events/impressions on url clicks
impression = {
    'content_list': ['tweet:1', 'tweet:2', 'tweet:3'],
    'user_data': 'tommaso',
    'location': 'email',
    'feed_id': 'user:global'

engagement = {
    'content': 'tweet:2',
    'label': 'click',
    'position': 1,
    'user_data': 'tommaso',
    'location': 'email',

events = [impression, engagement]

redirect_url = client.create_redirect_url('', 'user_id', events)

JS client.


First, make sure you can run the test suite. Tests are run via py.test

# with coverage
py.test --cov stream --cov-report html
# against a local API backend
LOCAL=true py.test

Install black and flake8

pip install .[ci]

Install git hooks to avoid pushing invalid code (git commit will run black and flake8)

Releasing a new version

In order to release new version you need to be a maintainer on Pypi.

  • Update CHANGELOG
  • Update the version on
  • Commit and push to Github
  • Create a new tag for the version (eg. v2.9.0)
  • Create a new dist with python python sdist
  • Upload the new distributable with twine twine upload dist/stream-python-VERSION-NAME.tar.gz

If unsure you can also test using the Pypi test servers twine upload --repository-url dist/stream-python-VERSION-NAME.tar.gz

Copyright and License Information

Project is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause.

We are hiring!

We've recently closed a $38 million Series B funding round and we keep actively growing. Our APIs are used by more than a billion end-users, and you'll have a chance to make a huge impact on the product within a team of the strongest engineers all over the world.

Check out our current openings and apply via Stream's website.

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