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The generate tool of iOS / Android localized strings.

Project description




The strgen can create iOS / Android strings file from CSV file.


The strgen can install using pip.

$ pip install strgen


1. Prepare input files

Prepare input files.

CSV file

The source file of multi language strings.

YAML file

The config file.

2. Run strgen

$ strgen --config strgen.yml

Run with argument of YAML file path.
If not specified, strgen.yml in the current directory will be used.

The following files will be generated under the build folder.

  • build/
    • apple/
      • LocalizableStrings.swift
      • lproj/
        • en.lproj/Localizable.strings
        • ja-JP.lproj/Localizable.strings
        • ...
    • google/
      • values-en/strings.xml
      • values-ja-JP/strings.xml
      • ...

in apple folder(for iOS/macOS), LocalizableStrings.swift that enumerated the key names is also generated.

import Foundation

class LocalizableStrings {

    enum Key: String {
        case yes
        case no
        case cancel
        case next
        case close
        case escape_test
        case parameter_google
        case parameter_apple



There are sample that you can easily try.


  1. Install strgen
    $ pip install strgen
  2. Clone project.
    $ git clone 
  3. Change the current directory to strgen/sample.
  4. Run
    $ strgen --config strgen.yml
  5. Check build folder.

Input file format

CSV format

id en ja-JP zh-Hans zh-Hant ...
hello_world Hello world こんにちは世界 你好,世界 你好,世界 ...
yes Yes はい ...
no No いいえ 没有 沒有 ...
cancel Cancel キャンセル 取消 取消 ...
next Next キャンセル 下一个 下一個 ...
close Next キャンセル 下一个 下一個 ...
escape_test escape <'""&?@> test
parameter_google Parameter %1$s, %2$s.
parameter_apple Parameter %1$@, %2$@.


Start the header line with id.
Next, add the language (language and country code).


The id string will be the key to reference on iOS / Android.
Enter the localized string for each language.

You can leave the localized string blank.
In that case, no localized strings are generated for that language.

YAML format


  input_file_path: ./source.csv
  output_path: ./
  enabled: true
  strings_file_name: strings.xml
  enabled: true
  strings_file_name: Localizable.strings
  swift_file_name: LocalizableStrings.swift
  swift_class_name: LocalizableStrings


input_file_path (Required)

Input CSV file path.

output_path (Optional)

Output path.
The default directory will be the same as the YAML file.


enabled (Optional)

Enabled flag for generate output files.
Default is true.

strings_file_name (Optional)

Generated strings file's name.
Default is strings.xml.


enabled (Optional)

Enabled flag for generate output files.
Default is true.

strings_file_name (Optional)

Generated strings file's name.
Default is Localizable.strings.

swift_file_name (Optional)

Generated swift file's name.
Default is LocalizableStrings.swift.

swift_class_name (Optional)

Generated swift class name.
Default is LocalizableStrings.

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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strgen-1.3.1.tar.gz (8.5 kB view hashes)

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