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E-commerce Application and Library for TurboGears2

Project description

About Stroller

Stroller is a Pluggable eCommerce application and library for TurboGears2. Stroller can be plugged as a pluggable application using tgext.pluggable or manually mounted and used as a library to implement paypal payment or ecommerce parts.


stroller can be installed both from pypi or from bitbucket:

easy_install stroller

should just work for most of the users

Plugging Stroller

In your application config/ import plug:

from tgext.pluggable import plug

Then at the end of the file call plug with stroller:

plug(base_config, 'stroller')

You will be able to access the ecommerce at http://localhost:8080/shop.

Manual/Paypal Payments

Strollers works both automatically managing payments using paypal or by manually managing orders.

When avoid_manage_payment options is enabled stroller will register the order and ask the user to contact the site manager to proceed with the payment instead of using paypal to handle it.

Anonyoums/Registered Orders

Stroller is able to handle payments both in registered or anonymous way. When users are logged their user data is registered inside the order metadata to make possible to contact them later. If manual payments are enabled instead of paypal based ones an email will be sent to both the user and the site manager to let them proceed with the payment.

When paypal is enabled and the user is not logged his paypal data will be used to register the order. This is the suggested way to use stroller as you won’t ask your users to register but you will have all their data available to dispatch the orders.

NOTE: If manual payments are required and user is not registered a plain alert asking him to contact the site manager will be visible at the end of the order confirmation. It is usually suggested not to let stroller run this way as you will find many orders with any information about who did them.

Configuration Options

  • avoid_manage_payment -> Use manual payments managed instead of paypal

  • currency -> (default: EUR) The currency to use for payments and orders.

  • stroller_thumbnail_size -> (default: 128, 128) The size of automatically generated thumbnails (must be set in

  • paypal_api_user -> Your paypal user for paypal payments

  • paypal_api_pass -> Your paypal password for paypal payments

  • paypal_api_signature -> Your paypal api signature for paypal payments

  • paypal_debug -> Whenever to use the paypal sandbox or production environment

  • stroller_order_notify_mail -> Email to notify whenever an order is placed. If not specified no messages will be sent

  • stroller_email_sender -> (default: stroller_order_mail) From which email the stroller messages will be sent

  • stroller_smtp_host -> The SMTP Server host used to send emails

  • stroller_smtp_login -> The SMTP Authentication login (if not specified anonymous auth will be used)

  • stroller_smtp_password -> The SMTP Authentication password

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