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Simple tools for downloading, cleaning, extracting and parsing content

Project description


Simple helper functions for using strings and regular expressions (mostly) interchangeably.


  • Python 3.4+

Module Contents


Check if obj is a string


Check if obj is a regular expression

strutil.replace(text, old, new, count=None, strip=False)

Replace an old subset of text with new.

old type may be either a string or regular expression.

If strip, remove all leading/trailing whitespace.

If count, replace the specified number of occurence, otherwise replace all.

strutil.remove(text, what, count=None, strip=False)

Like replace, where new replacement is an empty string.

strutil.replace_each(text, items, count=None, strip=False)

Like replace, where each occurrence in items is a 2-tuple of (old, new) pair.

strutil.remove_each(text, items, count=None, strip=False)

Like remove, where each occurrence in items is what to remove.

strutil.contains(text, what)

Check if what occurs in text

strutil.find_first(data, what)

Search for what in the iterable data and return the index of the first match. Return None if no match found.

strutil.splitter(text, token=None, expected=2, default='', strip=False)

Split text by token into at least expected number of results.

When token is None, the default for Python str.split is used, which will split on all whitespace.

token may also be a regex.

If actual number of results is less than expected, pad with default.

If strip, than do just that to each result.

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