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A Subset of Markdown

Project description


Subset of Markdown

This project started as an example project to describe migrating from a script to a package, utilizing flit, tox, coverage, and pytest.

See for the story.


  • Convert headings

    • # heading -> <h1> heading </h1>
    • ## heading -> <h2> heading </h2>
    • ### heading -> <h3> heading </h3>
    • #### heading -> <h4> heading </h4>
    • ##### heading -> <h5> heading </h5>
  • Convert strong

    • **strong** -> <strong>strong</strong>
    • __strong__-> <strong>strong</strong>
  • Convert em

    • **something** -> <em>something</em>
    • __something__-> <em>something</em>
  • links

    • [message]( "my title")
      -> <a href="" title="my title">message</a>
    • [message](
      -> <a href="">message</a>
  • images

    • ![alt](/some/image.png "title")'
      -> '<img src="/some/image.png" title="title"/>
  • inline code

    • this is `some code`
      -> this is <code>some code</code>
  • line breaks with two spaces at end of text

  • horizontal rules, 3 or more dashes

    • --- -> <hr>


Use it like this:

$ submark > something.html


$ cat | submark > something.html


$ echo '**hi**' | submark

Dev & Test virtual environment

Testing and development should be done with a virtual environment.

$ git clone
$ cd submark
$ python3 -m venv venv --prompt submark
$ source venv/bin/activate
(submark) $ pip install -U pip


Testing is done with tox.

(submark) $ pip install tox
(submark) $ tox


Development requires a few tools. Install submark locally and install dev tools with flit.

(submark) $ pip install flit
(submark) $ flit install --pth-file

Then you can test any changes locally with pytest.

(submark) $ pytest --cov=submark 

And when ready to test everything as an installed package:

(submark) $ tox

Building a wheel

Make sure everything is committed before running flit.

(submark) $ pip install flit
(submark) $ flit build

Yep. That's it. There should be a wheel now sitting in a dist folder.

(submark) $ ls dist


Flit does that too.

(submark) $ flit publish

But don't do that unless:

  • You are Brian Okken



  • 0.1 Initial script and tests
  • 0.2 build wheel with flit
  • 0.3 build and test with tox
  • 0.4 move source module into a package directory
  • 0.5 move tests into tests directory
  • 0.6 hook up readme in toml file
  • 0.7
    • flit for development with requires-extra,
    • support for links, images, inline code, line breaks, horizontal rules

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