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A Substrait command line tool

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Substrait Tools

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This repository provides tools for substrait


Create and activate your conda environment with python3.9:

conda create -y -n substrait_tools -c conda-forge python=3.9 openjdk
conda activate substrait_tools

pip install substrait-tools

Command Line Tools

Create TPC-H Data

Parquet data written to /Users/richardtia/substrait-tools/tpch_data

Generate Substrait Plans

Example usage with SQL:

produce_substrait --producer IsthmusProducer --schema ./schema.sql --query "select * from lineitem" --validate --validator_overrides 1002
Validating plan: True
Validator override levels: [1002]
substrait plan written to: Isthmus_substrait.json

Example usage with Ibis:

produce_substrait --producer IbisProducer --schema ./ --query_type ibis --ibis_expr expr=./ --validate --validator_overrides 1002 2001 1
Validating plan: True
Validator override levels: [1002, 2001, 1]
substrait plan written to: Ibis_substrait.json

--producer: Which substrait producer to generate the plan with.
--schema: SQL Schema. Each create table command should be on its own line.
--query: SQL query.
--ibis_expr: Ibis expression. Argument should passed as a key value pair with the ibis expression function name and the python file with the function definition (--ibis_expr test_expr=./
--validate: Default is false. If set, the plan will run against the substrait validator.
--validator_overrides: Bypass error codes found by the substrait validator. One or more integers separates by spaces.

Sample schemas:

SQL: schema.sql

CREATE TABLE lineitem(l_orderkey INTEGER NOT NULL, l_partkey INTEGER NOT NULL, l_suppkey INTEGER NOT NULL, l_linenumber INTEGER NOT NULL, l_quantity INTEGER NOT NULL, l_extendedprice DECIMAL(15,2) NOT NULL, l_discount DECIMAL(15,2) NOT NULL, l_tax DECIMAL(15,2) NOT NULL, l_returnflag VARCHAR NOT NULL, l_linestatus VARCHAR NOT NULL, l_shipdate DATE NOT NULL, l_commitdate DATE NOT NULL, l_receiptdate DATE NOT NULL, l_shipinstruct VARCHAR NOT NULL, l_shipmode VARCHAR NOT NULL, l_comment VARCHAR NOT NULL);

**Note: Each CREATE TABLE command should be on its own line.


lineitem = ibis.table(
            ("l_orderkey", dt.int64),
            ("l_partkey", dt.int64),
            ("l_suppkey", dt.int64),
            ("l_linenumber", dt.int64),
            ("l_quantity", dt.Decimal(15, 2)),
            ("l_extendedprice", dt.Decimal(15, 2)),
            ("l_discount", dt.Decimal(15, 2)),
            ("l_tax", dt.Decimal(15, 2)),
            ("l_returnflag", dt.string),
            ("l_linestatus", dt.string),
            ("l_shipinstruct", dt.string),
            ("l_shipmode", dt.string),
            ("l_comment", dt.string),

--schema ./

Sample ibis expression file:

def expr(lineitem):
    new_col = lineitem.l_tax.acos().name("ACOS_TAX")
    return lineitem[new_col]

--query_type ibis --ibis_expr expr=./
**Note: The key name (expr) should be the same as the function.

Consume Substrait Plans

Example usage

consume_substrait --consumer DuckDBConsumer --substrait_plan ./Isthmus_substrait.json --table_file_pair lineitem=./lineitem.parquet region=./region.parquet

--consumer: Which substrait consumer to consume the plan with.
--substrait_plan: Json formatted substrait plan.
--table_file_pair: One or more table name and file pairings. Table name and file should be separated by an equal (=) sign.

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