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Library to interact with the flaps & doors from Sure Petcare.

Project description


Library & CLI to interact with the Sure Petcare API. surepy lets you monitor and control the Pet Door/Cat Flap Connect 🚪 and the Pet Feeder Connect 🍽 by Sure Petcare.

surepy features:

🔑 get an api token with your account credentials
🚪 lock/unlock a door or flap
🐾 get the location of pets & devices
🐈 get the state and more attributes of pets & devices
🕰️ get historic data & events of pets & devices
📬 get a list of (past) notifications

Getting Started

surepy is available via

python3 -m pip install --upgrade surepy
# or
pip install --upgrade surepy

there is also a small cli available

$ surepy --help
Usage: surepy [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  surepy cli 🐾

  --version         show surepy version
  -j, --json        enable json api response output
  -t, --token TEXT  api token
  --help            Show this message and exit.

  devices       get devices
  locking       lock control
  notification  get notifications
  pets          get pets
  position      set pet position
  report        get pet/household report
  token         get a token

the cli is mainly intended for developing & debugging purposes and probably has bugs - be careful 🐾

Library example

import asyncio

from os import environ
from pprint import pprint
from typing import Dict, List

from surepy import Surepy
from surepy.entities import SurepyEntity
from surepy.entities.devices import SurepyDevice
from import Pet

async def main():

    # # user/password authentication (gets a token in background)
    # surepy = Surepy(email=user, password=password)

    # token authentication (token supplied via SUREPY_TOKEN env var)
    token = environ.get("SUREPY_TOKEN")
    surepy = Surepy(auth_token=token)

    # list with all pets
    pets: List[Pet] = await surepy.get_pets()
    for pet in pets:
        print(f"\n\n{}: {pet.state} | {pet.location}\n")

    print(f"\n\n - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -\n\n")

    # all entities as id-indexed dict
    entities: Dict[int, SurepyEntity] = await surepy.get_entities()

    # list with alldevices
    devices: List[SurepyDevice] = await surepy.get_devices()
    for device in devices:
        print(f"{ = } | {device.serial = } | {device.battery_level = }")
        print(f"{device.type = } | {device.unique_id = } | { = }")
        print(f"{entities[device.parent_id].full_name = } | {entities[device.parent_id] = }\n")

Naming confusion for surepetcarebeta users 🐾 🤪 🤦

Sorry for the bad naming and resulting confusion and chaos 🙄 To "fix" this, I renamed surepetcarebeta to sureha.

Name Repo Type Description Need Help?
surepy 🐾 Python Library Library to interact with the API of Sure Petcare. Also provides Classes for the various Sure Petcare Devicess. Use this if you write an own python tool/app and want to interact with the Sure Petcare API Issues
surepetcare HA Favicon Home Assistant Integration Official Home Assistant Integration for the Sure Petcare Devices like Doors, Flaps, Feeders, ... Issues, HA Forum
sureha surepetcarebeta benleb/surepetcare Home Assistant Integration Home Assistant Integration developed in my own repo without reviews from the HA Team. This can be installed via HACS and is something like a preview integration for advanced users. Usually this provides more (experimental) features and faster fixes but lacks the code quality (reviews) and such from HA Issues
pethublocal Home Assistant Integration Home Assistant Integration developed by @plambrechtsen which works completely independent from Sure Petcare. Check outs his repo for more information! Issues, HA Forum

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Ben Lebherz: cat lover 🐾 developer & maintainer - @benleb | @ben_leb

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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