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A Flexible Service Locator

Project description

svcs logo showing a hexagon-shaped radar

A Flexible Service Locator for Python.

svcs (pronounced services) is a dependency container for Python. It gives you a central place to register factories for types/interfaces and then imperatively acquire instances of those types with automatic cleanup and health checks.

It's suitable for implementing Inversion of Control using either dependency injection or service location while not requiring global state, decorators, or mangling of function signatures.


  • Eliminates tons of repetitive boilerplate code,
  • unifies acquisition and cleanups of services,
  • provides full static type safety for them,
  • simplifies testing through loose coupling,
  • improves live introspection and monitoring with health checks.

The goal is to minimize the code for acquiring pluggable services to:

from svcs.your_framework import svcs_from

def view(request):
    db, api, cache = svcs_from(request).get(Database, WebAPIClient, Cache)

... or less!

To a type checker like Mypy, db has the type Database, api has the type WebAPIClient, and cache has the type Cache. db, api, and cache will be automatically cleaned up when the request ends -- it's context managers all the way down.

svcs comes with seamless integration for AIOHTTP, FastAPI, Flask, Pyramid, and Starlette.

While svcs also has first-class support for static typing, it is strictly optional and will always remain so. svcs also doesn't check your types at runtime. It only forwards the type you have asked for to the type checker. If you don't use a type checker, that information is ignored without any runtime overhead.

Read on in Why? or watch this short video if you're intrigued:

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  • AIOHTTP: The registry is now stored using aiohttp.web.AppKeys on the application. This is an implementation detail and shouldn't matter, but it fixes a warning on AIOHTTP 3.9 and later.

Full Changelog →


svcs is written by Hynek Schlawack and distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

The development is kindly supported by my employer Variomedia AG and all my fabulous GitHub Sponsors.

The Bestagon radar logo is made by Lynn Root, based on an Font Awesome icon. svcs has started out as a wrapper around wired by Michael Merickel and has been heavily influenced by it.

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